Israeli company gets green light to produce world’s first cultured steak

An Israeli company has received preliminary approval from health authorities to sell World’s first steak made from cultured beef cellsRather than the whole animal, according to official sources. This follows the US approval of lab-raised chickens last year.

Aleph Farms, based in Rehovot, Israel, said in a press release that it received preliminary approval from the Israeli Ministry of Health in December. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the decision late Wednesday. He described the development as a “world breakthrough”.

The company said it plans to introduce a cultured “veal steak” for Israeli diners.The meat will grow Fertilized egg cells from a black Angus cow named Lucy who lives on a California farm.

Yoav Reisler of Aleph Farms said regulators still must approve the company’s label and conduct final inspections. After that, it can take several months before the product is available to diners.

Aleph Farms joins Upside Foods and Good Meat, two California-based companies approved in June to sell U.S.-grown chicken. More than 150 companies around the world are pursuing the goal of creating cultured or “cell-cultured” meat (also known as lab meat).

Proponents claim that making meat from cells will significantly reduce harm to animals and avoid the environmental impact of traditional meat production. But the industry faces several obstacles, including high costs and the challenge of producing enough meat at scale to ensure production is affordable and profitable.

Cultured meat is raised in large steel tanks with cells from live animals, fertilized eggs or special storage cell banks. The original cells are combined with special nutrients that help them grow into dough or pieces of meat, which are then shaped into familiar foods like ribs or steak.

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