“It burned me to lose against Napoli after a sumptuous 45 ‘!”

Carlo Pellegatti, journalist and well-known AC Milan fan, commented on Napoli’s victory against Milan on his YouTube channel


Carlo Pellegatti, journalist and well-known Milan fan, commented on his YouTube channel the victory of Napoli against Milan: “On Sunday evening I used a product I bought in France against superficial burns. It burned me to lose against Napoli after a sumptuous first half, without risking anything. We concede goals, and Milan has already gone behind against Udinese, against Atalanta and against Inter, always managing to react well as happened also on Sunday evening with Giroud’s goal. Then take another goal and you still have the strength to react by taking the crossbar at minute 86. Sorry after 22 unbeaten games, losing against this Napoli. Even without Leao, Milan were incisive and fought, putting Napoli there. We also need to look at the things that went less well, that is, that we still conceded goals. We managed to keep clean sheets only against Bologna and Sassuolo. This is a point to be examined ”.

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