It cannot be cheaper. Pepco is shocking customers! – o2

Pepco has been surprising since the beginning of the new year. This popular chain constantly offers attractive promotions that allow you to save a lot of money.

From January 20, absolutely hit products will be launched. The Cardio Bunny collection of sportswear for women will once again be available at Pepco.


Start the year in good shape thanks to the Cardio Bunny collection created especially for PEPCO! There you will find offers for both adults and teenagers. Comfortable clothing with a comfortable cut, sports shoes, bags and accessories in fashionable colors will prove themselves during every training! – convinces Pepco in the announcement.

Pepco. Hit products for pennies!

You will only get women’s sports shoes for PLN 50. A fashionable hoodie or sports pants, as well as a zippered bag with a practical outer pocket cost the same.

For PLN 10, you will receive a two-pack of sports feet. A quick-drying sweatshirt with a stand-up collar, pockets and a zipper costs PLN 50.


Various models of the described products will appear on Pepco’s store shelves. If you want to get to know the details, it is worth carefully studying the advertising magazine of the network or simply visiting one of the stores of the mentioned brand after January 20.


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