“It could have been a tragedy.” What happened

At the Molinette hospital in Turin a part of the false ceiling collapsed in the night between Sunday 2 and Monday 3 October. The tragedy has come close

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The tragedy came close toMolinette hospital in Turinwhere in the night between Sunday 2 and Monday 3 October 2022 it is part of the false ceiling collapsed.

What happened

Shortly before midnight, a part of the false ceiling in the corridor collapsed ground floor of the Molinette hospital in Turin where there are several outpatient clinics (the pre-hospitalization of surgery directed by Mario Morino, the ostomy and proctology outpatient clinic).

The false ceiling collapsed right on the patient waiting benches but, at that hour, there was no one and the collapse, therefore, did not cause any injuries.

Molinette HospitalPhoto source: Tuttocittà

The San Giovanni Battista University Hospital is commonly known as the Molinette Hospital. The name is due to the fact that the hospital is located near the River Po in an area (the Molinette), where once there were mills.

The cause

According to the first surveys, as reported by the ‘Corriere della Sera’, it seems that it was the ones who gave way ducts of electric cables and internet network anchored to the ceiling.

The complaint

Francesco Cartellà of Cgil Fp Città della Salute denounced: “Once again it is shown that the structure is obsolete and requires very urgent and urgent maintenance interventions. During the day, the accident could have turned into a tragedy“.

The problem is known. A few weeks ago the councilor for health Luigi Icardi set up a commission to identify the most urgent works, that is, to be done immediately, but the results of the monitoring have not yet been disclosed.

Molinette Hospital

Photo source: ANSA

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