IT DOESN’T HAPPEN, BUT IF IT HAPPENS … / Charlize Theron and a great cast in the film on Rai 3

It doesn’t happen, but if it does… with a great cast

The two protagonists of the film It doesn’t happen, but if it happens … I’m Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen. Theron is a South African actress, producer and model. He has taken part in several successful films, such as The Devil’s Advocate, The Big Joe, The Cider House Rules, The Italian Job, Monster (which has earned critical acclaim, won the Academy Award and a Golden Globe), North Country – Story of Josey, Hancock, Snow White and the Hunter and Prometheus, The Hunter and the Ice Queen, Fast & Furious 8, Atomic Blonde and The Old Guard and Bombshell – The voice of scandal. Seth Rogen is a Canadian actor, screenwriter and director. In the early 2000s he begins to land some parts as an actor, co-producer and screenwriter (Donnie Darko, Anchorman, 40-year-old virgin, Knocked Up and You, Me and Dupree). He continues with films such as Horton and the world of the Who, Spiderwick – The Chronicles, Drillbit Taylor – Bodyguard on sale, Funny People, 50 and 50, Childbirth with mom and Bad neighbors.

It doesn’t happen, but if it happens…, an ironic and funny film

It doesn’t happen, but if it happens … is “a Frank Capra-like comedy about the role of gender in what is American politics”. Roberto Manassero on MyMovies judges the film with two and a half stars out of five and adds: “Between candidacy and elections there is an entire film to build and, as often happens with Rogen and Goldberg, the problem lies in the difficulty of being able to maintain a balance between the shrewdness of the starting idea and the narrative needs of a comedy “. In the focus of MyMovies treated by Giuseppe Fadda we read: “The latest comedy directed by Jonathan Levine is a film that touches on highly topical issues without ever being censored and that does not offend despite this, how?”. An ironic and funny film inevitably has some weaknesses but it also flows rapidly from beginning to end. It doesn’t happen, but if it happens… it airs in prime time on Rai 3, click here for the live streaming on RaiPlay. Click here for the trailer video.

It doesn’t happen, but if it happens…, a Rai 3 film directed by Jonathan Levine

It doesn’t happen, but if it happens … will go airing today, Friday 3 June, starting from 21.20 on Rai 3. Long Shot was shot in 2019 by Jonathan Levine, an American director and screenwriter. Levine picked up the Audience Award at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival with Fa ‘la cosa errata.

Long Shot’s story is by Dan Sterling; the screenplay by Liz Hannah and Dan Sterling; the photography of Yves Bélanger; Mario Dumont’s special effects; the music of Marco Beltrami and Miles Hankins; the scenography by Kalina Ivanov and the costumes by Mary E. Vogt. The protagonists are Charlize Theron and Seth Rogenalongside them also O’Shea Jackson Jr, Andy Serkins and many others.

It doesn’t happen, but if it happens…, the plot of the film

In It doesn’t happen, but if it happens ... we are in 2019. Charlotte Field, US Secretary of State, learns that President Chambers does not want to reapply and convinces him to support her as a possible candidate in the next term. Fred Flarsky, a New York-based journalist, quits when he discovers that the newspaper he writes for has been acquired by a media mogul, Parker Wembley, who has an opposite view of him. Fred struggles to find another job and gets depressed.

Thanks to a friend he goes to a charity event where he meets Charlotte – the two actually know each other because she babysat when they were teenagers. She decides to hire him to write her speeches and Fred takes the job. The two spend a lot of time together and become more intimate to start a real relationship. Charlotte’s manager, Maggie, finds out and tries to end the relationship as the public will never accept them as a couple. What will happen?

The video of the trailer of It doesn’t happen, but if it happens …


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