“It gives us reason to be optimistic”

The Nintendo platformer’s adaptation of the mustachioed hero is on track to outsell Frozen at the worldwide box office.

They could hardly have found a better axiom at Nintendo. As you can see on the cover today, the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has surpassed all of our expectations about video games, and in turn Super Mario Bros. The film has made it clear that its IP has enough potential to Disney’s only questions record in theaters, Such success has found a response in the company of Mickey Mouse.

That comes from the mouth of Bog Iger, chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, who wanted to start his most recent talk on fiscal results by congratulating the competition for the platform franchise’s adaptation into an animated film. ,Permit me as an aside to congratulate Universal Studios As for the tremendous success of Super Mario Bros., without a doubt, it’s clear to all of us that audiences around the world love going to theaters to be entertained, and gives us reason to remain optimistic about this business“, he declared.

As such, Iger makes it equally clear that the company’s future doesn’t lie exclusively through Disney+, which experienced a disappointing quarter, but rather in reaching the masses as Nintendo, Illumination and Universal Have managed to continue offering competent stories. With Super Mario Bros. The Movie.

looking for frozen 1 and 2

With figures updated as of this Monday, Super Mario Bros. has grossed only $1,175 million worldwide, and has every chance of surpassing The Incredibles 2 ($1,243 million) and Frozen’s box office in the coming days. ($1,285 million). Taking records from Frozen II is more complicated, which added $1,454 million in 2019.

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