It has never been on TVP. TVN surprised during the broadcast from the World Cup in jumps

Broadcasting sport in a commercial station has its own rules. The fans who watched the first jumping competition in Nizhny Tagil on TVN saw it for themselves. Viewers were surprised when there was a short break after 30 jumps.

Robert Czykiel

Robert Czykiel

Piotr Żyła

Press materials / COS / Paweł Skraba / In the photo: Piotr Żyła

The first ski jumping World Cup competition this season has started. The jumpers on Saturday and Sunday compete in the frosty Nizhny Tagil, Russia. What is new for Polish viewers is that this discipline is not broadcast by TVP.

Discovery Group did not sell the sublicense for the World Cup, so the jumps are shown in Eurosport and … TVN. The latter station has never shown the sport. There was already quite a surprise during the first competition.

In the first series there is always a short break after 30 jumpers. Then the current classification of professions is presented. Fans, however, on TVN did not see it, because then … commercials were turned on.

There has never been anything like this on TVP. The advertising break was only between the first and second series. However, it seems that we have to come to terms with new standards. Of course, the station has every right to do so, but such actions can be quickly taken by fans.

The first round of the World Cup in Nizhny Tagil was average for the Poles. Only Kamil Stoch (20th place) and Dawid Kubacki (8th) advanced to the final series. In turn, Piotr Żyła (32nd), Jakub Wolny (45th) and Andrzej Stękała (48th) dropped out.

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