“It is a gift”, endless rows from Esselunga: the offer conquers everyone

Esselunga offers all loyal customers a technological product: the offer conquers everyone. The short term offer.

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The well-known Milanese supermarket chain Esselunga founded in 1957 and spread throughout Italy has decided to make a gift to its customers. “It is given as a gift”: There are endless lines from Esselunga: the offer has conquered everyone.

It is a technological product much appreciated by the customers of the Esselunga commercial sign, but the offer has a short term. For this you have to hurry up and queue to take it home for only 169 euros.

Offer ends August 17th. What technological product are we talking about? Hurry up the offer will expire soon. Here’s what product it is and where you can buy it.

Esselunga: since the 1950s it has been synonymous with guarantee and convenience

For years, the Esselunga commercial sign has been a guarantor of quality and convenience: millions of customers visit the stores scattered throughout Italy every day to save money and to shop with quality products.

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esselunga gives away the smartphone – Nanopress.it

Convenience And quality these are the strengths of the Milanese commercial brand operating since the mid-fifties founded by Nelson Rockefeller. Currently there are 117 physical stores scattered mainly in Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Lazio, Liguria and Veneto.

L’German Institute of Quality and Finance (ITQF) carried out an interesting survey and compiled the ranking of 400 brands with the best value for money. In the supermarket sector, Italians reward the Milanese Esselunga brand of the Caprotti family.

The survey aims to be a snapshot of the convenience of brands. The quality / price ratio offered by the commercial brand is the result of the value created for the customers.

Esselunga: here is the “gift” that the sign gives to all customers

The Esselunga commercial sign has renewed its promotional campaign and wanted to offer customers various products. Among all the most popular is it Oppo A54s smartphonewhich you can buy for just 169 euros.

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esselunga gives away the smartphone – Nanopress.it

It is a smartphone equipped with a triple camera HD + system of 50 pixels and 6.5 inches. The model of this mobile phone is only available in physical stores and not online. The availability of the smartphone is limited and there is time until August 17, 2022.

Esselunga: always a teacher committed to sustainability

There sustainability strategyà di Esselunga was created with the aim of integrating sustainability drivers into business decisions. Esselunga offers its customers high quality products at very affordable prices. The sustainability strategy aims to responsibly manage suppliers, enhance workers, reduce environmental impacts, sustain and support local communities.

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