it is destined to eclipse all others

Novak Djokovic breaks all records: he is destined to outshine all others
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Novak Djokovic continues his journey to the US Open title, his fourth career title at Flushing Meadows. At the same time, he continues his way in pursuit of the record. The first concern is from the Grand Slam semi-finals: reaching No. 47, he will overtake Roger Federer,

After his win over Taylor Fritz in the quarterfinals of the US Open, Djokovic also achieved another recordD. The winner of 23 Grand Slams became the first man in ATP ranking history to record 250 career wins against the world’s top 10 players.The move came after defeating the American number one, the current world number nine, in three easy sets. The tennis player from Belgrade was already the leader of this ranking, breaking away from his main rivals, but now he will have to juggle numbers.

Therefore, Novak Djokovic leads the rankings by the player with the most wins against the top 10 to reach 250. After him, there is still Roger Federer. The former Swiss tennis player, who retired almost a year ago, has 224 wins against a top 10 member.

The other member of the Big 3 can’t fail to round off the podium: That’s Rafael Nadal.

Djokovic broke all records

While waiting for the Spanish tennis player to return to the circuit in early 2024, remember that the twenty-two-time Grand Slam champion has 186 wins against the top 10.

He is the only one of the five tennis players in the top 5 of this record who can improve on this figure next season. Two tennis players from the distant past feature in the top 5 of this special ranking.

Ivan Lendl is fourth overall with 166 wins against top 10 players. American John McEnroe, Grand Slam champion and former world number one, follows behind: for him, the count stops at 128 wins against the ten best players in the world.

Knoll has broken every record that has come his way, shattered what his predecessors have done and, with numbers in hand, he is on his way to outdoing all his past, present and future rivals in records and statistics. is destined forWe can go on and on talking about the style of play, the feelings it evokes in the hearts of fans in comparison to its rivals, that’s all we can say.

But what can we really say about the man who has broken all records and is headed into a head-to-head confrontation with his biggest rivals?

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