“It is essential to provide retailers and consumers with the quality promised”

The Clemengold brand is well known in Asian markets. This year marks the 10th anniversary of its launch in Asia and 20 years of the ClemenGold brand. The fruits are now present in Bangladesh, India, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Singapore and Cambodia.

“Our fruits are marketed in the wholesale market as well as selected retail outlets, depending on quality specifications and consumer preferences. The brands present in China (each with its own strategy) include ClemenGold mandarins, LemonGold seedless lemons, NavelGold premium oranges, ClemenOrange mandarins as well as SweetC,” said Adéle Ackermann, Head of Marketing for ClemenGold International and its House. brands.

“We firmly believe in the power of the brand as an innovative means of marketing and, as the House of Brands, we create brands – sometimes for different varieties, classes or sizes of fruit – that meet the demands of different markets”.

Adele explains that having a range of brands that cater to different target audiences and have different emotional connection goals in terms of full bin usage is very important.

“We are focused on reaching different target markets within the fruit category and offering them a value proposition that allows them to connect to an emotional state so that they continue to purchase a brand that speaks to that emotional state and promotes repeat purchases, brand recognition and loyalty”.

ClemenGold’s perfect balance of acidity and sweetness, coupled with its fresh tangerine taste, has made this brand a favorite with Asian shoppers, according to Charlene. This, along with the consistency of quality and brand visibility, facilitates their buying decisions when looking for natural and healthy snacking alternatives.

“Extensive marketing campaigns are in place with our specially selected customers for our ClemenGold, LemonGold and Sweet C brands. Our capital lies in our global brands, the quality of our fruit and the long-term relationships we build with our customers. .

“Providing retailers and consumers with consistent promised quality in taste and consumer attributes is essential, but the value of a visible and well-executed brand draws the consumer in again and again.

“We support our retail and wholesale partners with marketing campaigns tailored to local consumers,” she explains. “This year’s campaign is focused on providing promotional materials and point-of-sale materials specifically designed to capture the attention of shoppers. Through the development of visual assets, a global social media presence and promotional materials video, retailers are helped to educate consumers.”

ClemenGold will be present Hall 3 3H35

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