It is my prototype, I created it with my thoughts

Megan Fox said she believed she created her mate herself “with thoughts and intentions.” The two have been together since 2019 and have never hidden their love and their particular habits from the world ever since.

Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly they are a couple that is nothing short of out of the ordinary, since they met in 2019 they have never left and have never stopped showing the world their oddities. In an interview with Glamor UK, the actress told of having adopted a rather particular habit with her partner: the two, in fact, they would drink each other’s blood, although it is a matter of a few drops. In addition to this, then, she revealed that she is convinced that it was she who created her partner as she is.

Intense love with Machine Gun Kelly

Despite the age difference, albeit minimal, because they are only four years apart, Megan Fox claims to have somehow contributed to the formation of her partner: “It is literally my prototype, I imagined it since I was a child. I am four years older than him. So I think I created it. My thoughts and my intentions made him the person he is, he who knows what he would have been like if it wasn’t for me“The actress has found her happiness, after ten years of marriage to Brian Austin Green, with whom she had three children and with whom the closure was not exactly idyllic, with Machine Gun Kelly is love without conditions.

The spiritual rituals of the couple

Speaking of conditions, even in couple rituals it seems that there are none. It is indeed a bizarre confession, the one that the actress made without too many words to the British weekly Glamor UK, openly declaring: “We drink each other’s blood, but he mustn’t imagine us like in Game of Thrones with goblets, they are a few drops in reality “, to then add that everything is done for “spiritual purposes”. Blood is not the first time it occurs in their couple practices, so much so that it was the rapper who enclosed a drop of his partner’s blood in a pendant to wear around the neck. The two seem to be in seventh heaven and have even come to the point of crowning their love with marriage, as Megan Fox also recalls: “He asked me to marry him. And just like in every life before this, and as in every life to follow, I said yes … and then we drank each other’s blood. ” a feeling so strong that according to the diva: “He would be willing to cut his chest with a glass and say “Take my soul”.

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