It is the best representative of the “bread and steak” group.

Alexander Otaola had his say Irela Bravo interviewed by El Mañanero and concluded that the Cuban actress is a member of “Bread and steak” immigration.

“In this show we refer to the community of Cubans as ‘bread and steak’ who seek to gain status in the United States and live a peaceful life without having to side with the dictatorship in order to be able to return again and again and Show the people what America is like. Ortaola pointed out how much they have prospered while continuing to suffer.

The influencer believes that throughout the interview, Irera sent a “cowardly” and “ambiguous” message.But at the same time she makes it clear that even the island’s disillusioned Cubans no longer believe in the revolution and the system, a reference to the artist’s ninety-year-old mother, who encouraged her to emigrate.

“They are used to support from outside the island and rely on what those who have managed to escape can give them,” he said.

Otaola, who hugged the Cuban actress and presenter at the end despite tense moments during the conversation, said the entire interview was a “handless slap” and a “kick in the stomach” from ICRT superior”. He was always an intolerable figure.

Alexander Otaola, who listed and commented on some of the most tense moments of the conversation in the post-interview show, claimed that upon arriving in the United States Irera tried to maintain the same posture he had displayed in previous interviews.

Asked about the possibility of a change in Cuba’s political system, Irera Bravo said she did not know, mentioning that “the Cuban political system” has followers around the world.

For Otaola Such a reaction was that of a “completely indoctrinated older woman who was ignorant of reality” and a blind believer in “the free world’s misguided sympathy for authoritarian regimes.”

However, the artist briefly admits: “Those people don’t live in Cuba.” This suggests that something coming from the outside is one thing, but pain coming from within is another.

Although she never dared to mention the word “leader”, Irera Bravo said that in Cuba “the people are the ones who have to change and adapt to how the world evolves” and adapt to “current trends” .

However, he has repeatedly stated that poverty, deprivation or hunger is a common phenomenon and is widely represented outside Cuba.

Irela Bravo blames the Cuban crisis on a decade of bad decisions and unpleasant ideas that have not been realized.

“Nothing that has been done lately has helped…Before we never had abundance, there was always scarcity, there were always problems…a little bit of hope…in the past dozen or so Everything we have tried over the years to reverse this situation has failed,” he said.

Ortaola was unsparing in her assessment of the actress’s display of conformism, calling the 1980s a great decade, even though Cuba was clearly a Soviet satellite during that decade.

“Here you can see the common thought of these generations of Cubans: In the 1980s, we were doing better, and this was the justification for the government to run amok, sucking in from elsewhere without producing anything,” Otaola said. Irela Bravo’s standard is “a direct thermometer placed under the arm of the island.”

Despite the huge difference in standards, neither man lost tone during the interview. She insisted on calling him “Al,” though for a moment she was overwhelmed and didn’t hesitate to make a few sarcastic remarks.

“You want me to take a machete, jump on a stork, and then the thorns fall on me,” he said first. “I felt like I was in a classroom being taught by Professor Otaola,” he said at another time.

Alexander Otaola says Irela Bravo does not believe she will ever be the same again after the reaction to the interview. He thought he would “adjust these impressions.”

“I’m looking forward to change,” added the influencer, who reminded Herrera in his capacity as a teacher Next time you shouldn’t forget the word “liberty”; “dict-ta-du-ra” and “re-pressure”.

Over the past few hours, exiled Cuban doctor Alexandre Raúl Pupo Casas has also expressed his disappointment at the attitude shown by Irrera Bravo, who he said he saw A lot of “fear of the truth and complicity with lies.”

“I see a guilty generation, a generation that deeply regrets the mistakes it has made. I see a cowardly generation that refuses to accept, even when faced with the truth, that their lives are based on the most indoctrinated lies,” attacked the Cuban doctor, who has been living in the United States since July 2021, on Facebook.

The Cuban doctor says he feels sad because he assures that there are millions of Cubans across the country, not thousands, like the popular actress.

Herrera Bravo admitted in the interview that she stayed in Miami to improve the quality of life for her family and herself on the island. He defines it as an act of “survival”.

In December, news broke that Irela Bravo was visiting Miami.First interview with Ian Padrón He admitted that he would stay in the United States for a long timealthough he did not admit that he was staying.

Actress to star in comedy drama ‘Havana in Hialeah’ In it she will play the popular character “Cachita”, the same character she played in the popular Cuban TV show “Vivir del Cuento”.

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