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Pola Gonciarz, star For good or bad, changed her hairstyle
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Pola Gonciarz, the star of “For good and for bad” changed her hairstyle

Pola Gonciarz is a star of the young generation who is gaining more and more popularity in show business. Pola is known primarily from the TVP series “Na dobre i na bad”. In addition, she is a ballet master, a great singer and model, which she has already shown many times. The star has undergone a metamorphosis some time ago and cut her hair. The actress shocks fans more and more. She presents photo sessions in which she impresses with a short haircut in the style of the biggest Hollywood stars! Check who he reminds us of.

Pola Gonciarz appears in the series “Na dobre i na bad” as Blanka, Wiktoria’s daughter. She also appeared in the films from 2020: “Asymetria” and “Gwiazdeczka”. The actress is 21 years old, she combines work on the set with studies. Pola is a ballet master! She often posts photos of the ballet hall on the web, in which she presents her imposing poses. The “For Good or For Bad” star can also sing very well! She proved that she has talent by performing at the Festival in Opole, where she sang a song from the repertoire of Anna Maria Jopek. Pola is gaining more and more sympathy in social media. It attracts the eyes of fans because it boasts a stunning beauty. Every day it shows a delicate version, but willingly participates in photo sessions. The actress recently cut her hair! The short hairstyle suits her face. In the latest photo, she looks like Hollywood stars! Does she also remind you of such beauties as actresses Keira Knightley or Audrey Hepburn?

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