“It must not happen!”, Then the comparison on Miretti

During the Trento Sports Festivalan old Juventus acquaintance spoke to the microphones, Claudio Marchisio. The Principino commented on the “no moment” of the bianconeri, but not only.

In particular, the former Italian midfielder had words to honey against one of the positive notes of Massimiliano Allegri’s team at the start of the season, that is Fabio Miretti.

Miretti Marchisio intervista

The interview

MIRETTI – Good news is Miretti, ready-made and quality boy. He is carefree, perhaps this is why he gave something in the middle of the field. It reminds me a lot of Nedved, of course he has to go a long way to get to Pavel’s levels. But it is good news that a great talent has come out of the Juventus youth sector“.

JUVE MOMENT – It is painful to see Juventus today, it is a particular season. Clearly, expectations are always high, also thanks to the purchasing campaign, then it’s going differently. As a Juve fan I can’t believe that you struggle against low-ranking teams, logically with all due respect for these formations. I hope that the coaching staff and players can all come out of this period together, maybe the break can be useful“.

HEIR – A new Marchisio? I like them a lot, because on the pitch I moved like them, both Barella and Frattesi. We know everything about Barella, but I was sorry that Frattesi didn’t go to a big one this summer“.

EXPERIENCE ABROAD –I was sad to see Scamacca go away and landed in the Premier League. I also went abroad, to Russia. Particular country, some friends I still have are pro Putin and others against. The Russian championship is special, I faced it with Zenit. And St. Petersburg is a wonderful city. I was very well received, I would have liked to go on but the last injury suffered did not allow me to. And I decided to terminate early because it felt right for them“.

FUTURE ON THE BENCH –I never thought about training, I don’t want to get old so soon. Because training makes you grow old. We should work in a different way to make former sportsmen become managers, perhaps with a scholastic and professional path. This is a process that is missing from you, unlike the United States of America. Untrained managers without great skills in sport unfortunately do damage“.

TEVEZ – Tevez was a Juventus flag for me, the years passed don’t count. This is a value that is being lost in our sport. What counts is what you can give to the team beyond the years spent in the club“.

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