It raised nearly $1.3 billion, forcing Disney to strip away the most classic essence of its films. It marked an entire generation and you can watch it on Disney Plus: Frozen

This blockbuster of Disney was a sleeper hit that made the company huge millions.

We all know the golden age of Disney with movies like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast or The Lion King. A time in which everything the company produced was successful and it marked animation cinema. However, everything that goes up comes down and some releases like Atlantis or El Planeta del Tesoro meant that its essence was lost. Thus, for years, like a headless puppet, we got deliveries that weren’t bad, but that didn’t convince the public. it changed as soon as it arrived frozen,

The Key to Frozen’s Success

frozen premiere in the year 2013 Raised nearly $1,300 million, only being surpassed at the box office by the legendary The Lion King and its sequel, Frozen II, in animated cinema terms we’re talking about. Such success, which has not been seen since 1994, responds to a series of very specific characteristics.

First, as I told you, Disney started down a confusing path with a string of separate box office failures. appearance of 3d animation Or the generational change left the company experimenting with things that didn’t quite take off, although they were really appreciated over time.

It was in 2011 that Disney launched the famous Tangled with somewhat more valuable success, without counting the Pixar films, which have always been well received. At that point, he found a vein when he realized that going back to the fairy tale era was effective with much more up-to-date and striking animation. Therefore, Two years later Will arrive frozen.

The key to Frozen lies in throwing all the meat on a spit, but doing it with a more updated formula for modern times. Thus, in this film we get a plethora of catchy songs, a dreamy storyline, careful visuals and two protagonists who are far from the stereotype of a princess to be rescued. And that’s precisely why Frozen managed to reach an audience that had already moved away from the same old story. in my opinion, it is Anna Which carries all the weight of the film and thanks to its powerful personality, full of humor and its human representation and can be compared to anyone who is watching it.

In this story we get a review of “The Snow Queen” in which Elsa She will run away from her kingdom and her obligations as queen once she sees her icy powers. However, far from presenting a dramatic story (though it does have its emotional moments as well), it focuses on subverting all the typical clichés through humour. A very important innovation is that it turns away from romantic love as the central axis and focuses on the sisterly love and relationship between two sisters from when they are children until their adulthood. If we add to that some heart-stopping landscapes and a certain ancestral mythology, the result is a bomb. Plus, let us not take away from the fact that this is Disney’s first animated film directed by a woman. In this case, by Jennifer Lee, who we also know to have participated in the Raf Ralph! Or Raya and the Last Dragon.

As a curiosity, I will tell you that the year it was released was one of the coldest winters in the United States, the marketing team did very well to use this to their advantage and promote the film. Was staying Also initially Elsa was going to be the villain of the tape, but it was decided to change the tone of the character.

All in all, there’s never a bad time to watch it, especially when we have it so conveniently available through Disney Plus. and for lovers physical aspectKnow that you can also have them with it through Amazon at a very affordable price.

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