It Shows! the Tight Dress of Paulina Rubio Shows Her… Pregnancy?

Paulina Rubio

Fans say the singer is in the sweet wait.

If there is something Paulina Rubio knows how to do, she is rubbing shoulders with great personalities and having fun in a big way.  

That is why the Mexican singer attended the party organized by Elton John, after the Oscar Awards 2020.

But her outfit, beyond impressing in a good way, made the blonde severely criticized and even became an object of mockery.

The interpreter of “The last goodbye” was dressed in a black dress with transparencies, adorned with a large number of multi-colored rhinestones.

The tightness of the outfit made the Internet users wonder if Pau is pregnant since her abdomen looked somewhat bulky and not completely flat as usual.

In addition, the long curly hair of the ” Golden Girl ” seemed not to have been combed, but let it dry in the wind. What an oversight!

In addition to recommending an exercise routine, Paulina Rubio’s followers were also encouraged to ask her to change her stylist, since she certainly didn’t look attractive at all with this look.



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