It Takes Two With Huge Problems After Take-Two Actions? Hazelight can change the name of the game

Take-Two is not giving up and is going to fight for hers. The makers of It Takes Two can have a lot of problems.

Life is not an easy one for Hazelight these days. On December 1, we learned that Take-Two, the publisher of brands such as GTA and Red Dead Redemption, believes that the production of Joseph Fares benefits from their name. Let us remind you that it is about cooperative, appreciated It Takes Two.

The Eurogamer editorial team decided to contact Take-Two to explain this unusual, even comic situation, and as it turns out, the American corporation goes to war with various clothing brands, tattoo parlors and restaurants that have a variation of the word “rockstar” in their names. Take-Two wants to have full rights to words like “Rockstar”, “Social Club”, “Civilization” and even “Mafia”, which could imply that more lawsuits may only be a matter of time.

In addition, the first comment was obtained from a Hazelight team representative who told Eurogamer that he “cannot comment on the ongoing dispute” but that his team “hopes the dispute will be resolved”. The documents show that the developers were forced to abandon the rights to the It Takes Two name and even the title of the game could be changed, which would certainly have a greater or lesser impact on the marketing of the cooperative platformer.

Take-Two sent Hazelight a trademark claim “It Takes Two”, forcing the studio to abandon ownership of the game’s name.

There are no details yet if the name of the game will be changed or if it would affect its sales / marketing.


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