“It taught me resilience”: Tom Holland (Spider-Man) alleges trauma after violent criticism of his previous role

news culture “It taught me resilience”: Tom Holland (Spider-Man) alleges trauma after violent criticism of his previous role

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If he seems to be singled out in his role as Spider-Man, Tom Holland doesn’t seem to be able to convince everyone when he tackles other projects, and not even the critics who are critical of the new show. are about to be murderous, in which he plays a part. of the leading roles. Recently, Tom Holland revealed that he was able to absorb all this negativity because of his ability to be resilient. Moreover, it mainly comes from his hobby football. Apart from thanking the spectators, he can also say thank you to his favorite club!

This month, Tom Holland fans got a chance to discover their favorite actor in a completely different role than Spider-Man, the New York superhero also known as “the coolest spider.” Yes, Tom Holland isn’t limited to playing the aspiring Avengers in the streets of the Big Apple: The young actor also presents himself in physical roles. – For example, unresolved , than psychological, as demonstrated by a recent series crowded room in which he plays a major role, If the young actor is happy to participate in such a project, then there were few critics when watching ten episodes.

It’s simple enough, The new show on the Apple TV platform was literally criticized by critics, His rating on the famous site Rotten Tomatoes is actually not very good. Nevertheless, the young actor can console himself by seeing that the audience is more and more excited about the series and his performance in it. As a result, The overall reception is very polarized and yet reached the actor who tried his best not to reveal anything during the promotional campaign for the series. As he explains, the resilience he has been able to demonstrate comes from… his passion for football ,

Tom Holland says supporting Tottenham has learned to be flexible if it doesn’t generate enthusiasm

Dealing with negative feedback is not easy. Tom Holland will explain this to you, while also showing that it’s still easier said than done when faced with a poor performance from his favorite football team, Tottenham., The British actor has never hidden his support for Spurs and has even appeared alongside one of the north London team’s stars, Hyung-Min Son, with whom he made a video for the Premier League club’s YouTube channel. had shot The team managed by Antonio Conte at the start of the 2022/23 season could offer him more than just flexibility. Unfortunately, a strong start during the first days of the championship led to a gradual decline in the standings, denying them a place in the trophy and European competitions.

Thus, as he explained in a video to the media uniload, Being a Tottenham fan is a bit like being in a crowded room and it taught him resilienceEspecially because his favorite team is in trouble after losing the Champions League final in 2019. Haven’t won a major for fifteen years and he became incredibly difficult Tolerate them without losing your nerve. Thanks to this, Tom Holland admits he doesn’t let himself get overwhelmed and it allows him to have enough perspective. keep a healthy perspective on these kinds of things and respect everyone’s opinion “. Beyond his reactions to negative reviews, Tom Holland has responded to allegations about his ‘gap year’ which, in fact, he has already enjoyed for more than eight months and as he claimed Yes, it is not persistent on receipt. crowded room,

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