“It was a little package as a sign of good luck”

Word to Memo Remigi. After the storm and the removal from Rai for the episode staged last Friday to Today is another day, the singer – until a few days ago ‘stable affection’ of the broadcast – tries to defend himself, not hiding resentment and bitterness.

If it was bullshit to me? We can tell – says Remigi a The mosquitoeven because it’s been five days without giving me any news, not even a phone call, and they said it live. This is a very serious thing. A fairly unfair thing without even delving into it“.

Remigi had been caught by cameras while touching Jessica Morlacchi’s backside during the presentation of the episode. A fact that – after almost a week – led Rai to terminate the contract which provided for the fixed participation of the artist.

“They posted this video where they noticed this hand sliding behind – admits the person concerned – the usual packet on the ass, as if to say ‘let’s make a lucky sign on the broadcast’ that we had done other times as well. It is one thing to touch, another thing is to give the lucky charm as is sometimes done in the theater. It had happened before, but not on air, before, outside, during rehearsals, under other circumstances. There is a relationship of cordial friendship, sympathy, student spirit“.

Remigi therefore turns to Morlacchi herself, invited to re-dimension the incident: “I can’t contact her and I don’t understand why. Perhaps because she was disappointed by the too heavy measure they took. I try to contact her. They are massacring me, I would like to say ‘come in too, say’ that we have always played, joked, put our working relationships on the joke, write something to say I’m not a lustful old man‘. I’m looking for Jessica to make this claim. It is not fair that I am accused of this thing on social media and live. All my friends are phoning me asking what happened, for this bullshit here they are mounting something out of the ordinary. Come on, let’s not overdo it guys“.

When Giuseppe Cruciani asks him if Morlacchi resented at the moment, Remigi replies: “He did nothing, he moved his hand. It’s not that I had put it on his buttock and squeezed it like a groping. I can say I’m old, but not pig. I never started broadcasting by putting my hands on women’s asses. That particular event happened, done at the wrong time“.

Finally, there is an opinion on Serena Bortone and on the behavior adopted to motivate her expulsion: “Everything makes a show. I love her, she is a very good woman and professional“.

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