“It was a matter of life or death, thank God I am alive” – El Financiero

Puerto Rican singer Anuel AA released a short statement on Instagram, saying, “I underwent emergency surgery last night,” apologizing to his fans for not being able to fulfill future commitments due to his delicate health condition.

Emmanuel Gazmay Santiago, known only as Anuel AA, has been at the center of various controversies, and not just because of the constant criticism of his song lyrics and prison sentence. illegal possession of firearms In 2016.

The musician was in the spotlight after her breakup with ex-partner Karol G and the fact that he allegedly sent her hints through songs. She went on to say that she got engaged four days after announcing her engagement to “her most viral Yailin” (who she also already broke up with).

Anuel’s professional life has also been somewhat unstable in recent months. In early 2022, Anuel canceled his Mexico tour, and last May he lost control of his motorcycle during a concert and was thrown into the audience. Now the 30-year-old musician felt his life was in danger.

What happened to Anuel AA?

As the singer explained in an Instagram post, where he was spotted in a hospital bed, he went through a situation this Saturday night.life or deathWhen he was taken to the emergency room, he said, “God only knows why and what happens…” Thank God I’m alive, that’s the only thing that matters to me. ”

Anuel released the song “Oh Na Na” just a few days ago and was about to release “Rompecorazones”, which was now scheduled to be postponed. “It was supposed to be released in two weeks, but it’s no longer released and has been postponed until further notice”, I’ll let you know the date as soon as I know what’s going to happen. ”

On September 20th, Anuel said that after his new album, he is planning a tour around the world, including the United States, Latin America, and Europe, and that he hopes to win a Grammy next year.

Puerto Rican he apologized to his fans Things weren’t looking good and plans were behind schedule, and I was lamenting that things didn’t always happen the way I expected them to.

“I screwed myself up a lot to get my career back after that.” I almost destroyed it myself And I have a work plan… Like every other elite artist, it’s the first time I have a full-fledged work team, but this is God’s plan and I have since You have to wait a little longer to overcome all that you have done and achieved. My career began. ”

The singer thanked the doctors for saving his life, but The reason was not disclosed That’s why he had to intervene.

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