“It was an amazing party.” Ivete Sangalo returned home and, once again, was the queen of Rock in Rio

Sunday has the Black Eyed Peas as headliners, but the Brazilian singer gathered thousands in front of the Mundo Stage in the late afternoon of the second day of the festival.

It was a marathon for Ivete Sangalo to arrive at Rock in Rio Lisboa (the flight was even cancelled), but the Bahian arrived and rocked it. The Brazilian singer is the artist with the most presence at the festival (in 2016 she performed twice to replace Ariana Grande) and showed why she is called the “hurricane of Bahia”.

With a lineup consisting of five songs from the new album, but also full of hits well known to the Portuguese public, Ivete made the “Festa” and raised “Poeira” (literally) in Parque da Bela Vista, on an afternoon in which thousands of festival-goers filled the enclosure. Kids and adults sang hits like “Arerê”, “Sorte Grande”, “Céu da Boca” without missing a note and in front of a surrendered and longing Ivete.

“When I landed here, the confirmation that it was happening, warmed my heart here. Arriving in Portugal, it was nostalgia mixed with love. Being here…. the show went beyond what I expected it to be. I’m delighted and thrilled. “, he said, in an interview with CNN Portugal.

The concert was all thought out in detail, not least because it was a daylight concert that didn’t allow the use of LED lights. But color and dance was not lacking, with the dancers and also Veveta giving a dance show while the band – which had the presence of the singer’s eldest son, Marcelo – led the audience.

“Going up on this stage, which is so special in my career, was a sensational party,” he said.

And it was so sensational that Ivete even said that she wanted to stay “until the morning”, but that as she believed in respect, she would respect the festival’s line-up. “But I wanted to put on my pajamas and stay here until morning.” The public applauded the attempt, they certainly wouldn’t budge and would continue to raise dust in Bela Vista Park, but Ellie Goulding and the Black Eyed Peas had a concert scheduled for shortly afterwards and, as Ivete said, the lineup is to be respected.

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