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Anne Hathaway, thanks to the role of Fantine in “Les Miserables”, celebrated triumphs in 2013 and won such awards as: Golden Globes, BAFTA, SAG Awards and the most coveted Oscar. At the same time, she also appeared as Catwoman in the film “The Dark Knight Rises” directed by Christopher Nolan, and after “Les Miserables” she returned to work with the same director and starred in his famous “Intersteller”. At that time, articles titled “Why does everyone hate Anne Hathaway?”

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Hathaway: When bad things happen, don’t be afraid of them

After eight years, the actress, who had to deal with a wave of so much resentment, talks about her experiences with great distance. In one of the last interviews, which she gave to The Sun, emphasizes that the hate atmosphere of the time forced her to develop a confidence that she would not have gained under other circumstances:

I don’t want to raise demons from the past, but I can’t deny that I had a bit of trouble back then: the internet hated me and that was one of the leitmotifs at the time. And today I think it was good for me. Such things can make you tremendously. I think I can sum it up like this: when bad things happen, don’t be afraid of them – flow with the unfolding

And back in 2014, in an interview for “Harper’s Bazar”, she described that reading all the publications after the Oscars made her feel “embarrassed” and “as if someone had hit her with all her strength in the stomach.” She emphasized that “so far she feels ashamed”. In turn, in an interview with “Jezebel“she described:

It’s not like I have armored skin, but I see things through the prism of their purpose. How people talk about me has nothing to do with me. But if someone said something that made me want to work on myself, that’s how I treat it. So I have the impression that thanks to this situation I developed much faster. Now I even see that I should be grateful for that

She also added that thanks to these events she has become a much more empathetic person and there is no need to feel sorry for herself. Last year, she starred in such films as HBO’s Max “The Witches” and the sanitary comedy “Locked Down”, which was shot in the US in January.

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