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Rachel Hosie exercises a lot, she is interested in healthy eating and training novelties. Rachel also collaborates with the popular magazine, where articles about how to make your lifestyle healthier appear frequently. Hosie set herself a real challenge and took Emily Blunt’s training into the wallpaper. This was not what she expected!

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She practiced with the favorite trainer of many stars. One-hour classes turned out to be much more difficult than expected!

Rachel was intrigued by the fact that Blunt calls the trainer a “hardcore sweetheart.” Are her classes really that intense? After an hour’s lesson, Hosie understood where the comparison came from.

Eastwood workouts are not intended for the faint of heart. Knowledge allowed her to gain a crowd of loyal fans, from actors and athletes to ordinary people. Perhaps I naively assumed that it would be a light training, which for me, as a fitness lover, will not be a challenge. It was hardcore! Rachel comments.

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Rachel emphasized that Monique Eastwood was deliberately busy with her charges all the time so that he would not have time to think about a break. The exercises are multidirectional so that as many muscles work as possible at the same time. In this way, classes with Monique make us not only improve our condition, but also minimize the risk of injury, and improve coordination. Eastwood uses ballet a lot – many of the positions are inspired by this dance. Hosie added that the trainer’s skilled eye immediately saw what the woman had the biggest problem with – it helped to focus the classes on the troublesome parts of the body.

There was no rest, which, according to Eastwood, is due to her dancer mentality of wanting to move throughout training, adds Hosie.

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Incorporating dance into fitness training is increasingly used by many professionals. In our opinion, it is a great idea that will make our head fully focus on the activities performed.

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