It was released two days back and is already the most watched movie in the world


A new tape recently arrived in the Netflix catalog and has become a global favorite among users.

Netflix: It premiered two days back and today it is the most watched movie worldwide.
© NetflixNetflix: It premiered two days back and today it is the most watched movie worldwide.

streaming service Netflix It is the middle of May, the fifth month which is giving great results as a result of its television series like queen charlotte one of two queen cleopatra, But he had some debt with his films which could not be cleared for an April release. However, this has changed in just a few days and we already have a new Subscriber Favorites feature.

The film that enthralled the audience of the platform during the past weeks aka one of two Surname, a production from France about a special operations agent who manages to infiltrate a crime syndicate but unexpectedly befriends the boss’s son and this puts him to the test. After a Time at the Top of the Top 10, She’s Just Fallen Apart Mother,

according to site Flix Patrol that collects reproduction data, The most watched movie on Netflix worldwide right now Mother, This feature film is directed by nikki caro and starring Jennifer Lopez, which joined the Great Streaming Catalog on 12 May. Only two days have passed since its premiere and it has already climbed to the top of the audience’s favorite content. The actual number of views will be known soon.

The Mother, starring Jennifer Lopez, is currently the most watched movie on Netflix. (Netflix)

Its premise centers on a deadly assassin who is forced to come out of hiding and put himself in danger in front of all those who seek to kill him. Because He must protect his daughter, whom he gave up for adoption years ago. Not long after, the two women meet and find themselves in the difficult situation of running and fighting for their lives while trying to mend what they thought was broken between them.

Although the film managed to capture the public, the truth is that the specialized press has not left the best opinion. It was rated with a 45% approval rating on the Rotten Tomatoes portal, with a consensus that explains many of the clichés of the action hero genre. On the Metacritic site, it received a score of 44 out of 100, with negative reviews. In addition, the audience Netflix have the last word and they’re gone Mother Top 10 on top.

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