“It was the Ukrainians who killed Darya Dugina”: US intelligence revelations to the New York Times

Darya Dugina was killed by Ukrainian infiltrators in Russia. This is the conclusion she reached, according to what the New York TimesAmerican intelligence on the car explosion that resulted in the death of the far-right ideologist’s daughter, Alexander Dugin. The confidential sources close to the dossier cited by the American newspaper also explained that the United States “They did not take part in the attack, nor did they provide information or other forms of assistance”. Adding that the US services were unaware of the operation and would have objected if they were consulted. Later, American officials complained to Ukrainian counterparts about the assassination, as that episode can be considered one of the many elements that threatens to widen and further exacerbate the clash between Fly And Kievkicking off a dangerous season of political murders committed by both sides.

One version, that of Washingtonwhich clashes with the statements made by the leaders of the Ukrainian government in the hours immediately following the murder of the young ultra-right reporter and activist, when they had denied any involvement rejecting the accusations made by Moscow. Meanwhile, the Russian government had circulated video footage of what they claimed to be the Ukrainian intelligence agent who had managed to infiltrate Russian territory, carry out the attack and then flee across the border into Russia.Estonia.

Today, according to the revelations of officials al Nytat the top of the American intelligence there is annoyance towards Kiev for the lack of transparency demonstrated in this and other actions, despite the fact that the Ukrainians continue to deny any involvement in the murder of Dugina. Since the beginning of the war, the Ukrainian security services have demonstrated their ability to reach the Russian territories to conduct sabotage operations, but the killing of the Russian far-right activist represents one of the most extreme actions carried out to date. Also because the suspicion is that his father was the real target of the operation, one of the voices that most of all took positions in favor of the war against Kiev.

“Any murder during the war in one country or another must carry some kind of practical meaning,” said President Zelensky’s adviser. Mykhailo Podolyakin an interview with New York Times Tuesday. Words that again denied the hypothesis of Ukrainian involvement, also for what Podolyak said later: “A murder should satisfy a specific purpose, tactical or strategic. One like Dugina is not a tactical or strategic target for Ukraine. We have other objectives on the territory of Ukraine, I mean collaborationists and representatives of the Russian command that could have value for the members of our special services working in this program, but certainly not Dugina ”.

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