it would be bad relations with the father

Angelina Jolie he would try to get the children away from their father, Brad Pitt. To date, in fact, only Shiloh, the 16-year-old daughter of Brad and Angelina, would have a good relationship with her father, while she would constantly quarrel with her mother. The two Hollywood actors have been separated since 2016. After six years they still haven’t managed to officially divorce and find a deal for the sake of their six children. Three of them are organic, while the other three are aoducts.

Recently Page Six, an American magazine specializing in Gossipconsulted a source who would attribute the greater blame for the failure to agree between the parties to Angelina Jolie.

The 47-year-old has no intention of making an agreement with her ex-husband. More than once in court Brad tried to get Angelina shared custody of their boys. The latter has never shown consent to his requests. Before going their separate ways in life, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were one of Hollywood’s most iconic couples.

Angelina Jolie, source at Page Six: ‘She doesn’t want to give children in custody to Brad’

The source consulted by Page Six (who remained anonymous) said, “Angelina appears to be determined not to give joint custody to Brad.” The same person also learned that the actress has no intention of remarrying, at least until her children have reached the age of majority.

Brad Pitt on a rampage over his ex-wife

Angelina Jolie would intend to take revenge on Brad Pitt. The actress would not have spent peaceful years with her colleague, it is rumored due to her addiction to alcohol. Lately the actor has filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife because the latter allegedly sold on her initiative some shares in the French winery that the two still have in common to a man of Russian nationality.

Brad would like to mend a relationship with his children

Angelina Jolie would also have complained about the child psychologist that the Court he arranged for the two stars. The 47-year-old is determined to win this legal battle between her and her ex, while the latter just wants to go back to dating her children. The relationship with the boys would continue to deteriorate year after year.

After the breakup, Pitt and Jolie didn’t have any more important affairs and never thought about going back to being a couple for the sake of their boys. But it seems that now Brad’s heart is beating again for another mysterious woman.

He would have a new girlfriend

At the moment it’s just a rumor, but sources close to Brad Pitt would like the 59-year-old actor to have a new love. After the flirtation with the Swedish singer Lykke Li, it appears Brad is dating another woman in Los Angeles. With the latter Brad would share the love for art. The name of this new flame has not yet been disclosed, but it seems to be not something serious, as at the moment they are just dating.


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