Ita Airways, 36 modern airplanes and 6 new routes to the USA, Brazil and the Middle East arrive in 2023-

Ita Airways is preparing to increase airplanes, employees and the intercontinental network next year with six other routes to the US, Brazil and the Middle East. what the company confirms in a note, underlining that the company has signed all the commitments foreseen for the increase of the fleet for 2023: 39 new generation aircraft will enter, of which 9 A330neo (for long-haul flights) 30 corridor aircraft single, at the same time, the previous generation ones will be released. In this way, the average age of aircraft should significantly decrease.

The network

For next year, following the provisions of the industrial plan revised a few months ago, Ita Airways will launch two new routes in the USA: Rome Fiumicino-San Francisco and Fiumicino-Washington starting from the summer season. In South America, Rio de Janeiro will be added from next November to the connections with Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo. The arrival of the Airbus A321neo – single-aisle aircraft capable of making long distances – will allow Ita to inaugurate flights to Riyadh, Jeddah and Kuwait City, all with the Rome Fiumicino hub.

The challenges

On the Rome-Washington route (also operated in its final stages by Alitalia) Ita Airways will have to deal with United Airlines which operates it seasonally (between the end of March and the end of October). And always with United there will be the challenge on the Rome-San Francisco route: the Californian city is one of the hubs of the US carrier which is an ally of Lufthansa and a rival of Delta Air Lines (in turn an ally of Ita). While with Saudi destinations on the one hand, Ita will operate the Rome-Jeddah side by side with Saudia (both carriers will offer their own and shared flights), on the Rome-Riyadh route – where there is also Saudia – there will be a battle with low cost Wizz Air. . Rome-Kuwait City is also shared with flights by both Ita and Kuwait Airways, an ally of the Italian airline.

The increase

The increase in the fleet and the increase in routes will determine an increase of 73% compared to 2022 in the capacity in terms of seats offered per kilometer (in technical jargon Ask) on the entire network – says Ita in the note -, mainly increase driven by capacity on long-haul routes which will even register + 107%. As for the environmental impact, the company announces that with the new entries by the end of 2023 the fleet will be 50% of the new generation, reaching a total of 96 aircraft. As for employees, an increase of one thousand units is estimated next year.

The shareholder

In the shareholders’ meeting of Ita Airways on 8 November, the Treasury introduced some changes to the company’s bylaws which actually lead to the cancellation of the current board of directors as well. A meeting scheduled for November 16 and on this occasion the Mef – the sole shareholder of Ita – will present the names of the new board of directors reduced compared to the current one. Also on November 8, the ministry gave the green light to a 400 million euro capital increase, the second tranche authorized by the EU Antitrust for 2022, after the 700 million in 2021 and before the 250 million expected for the first quarter. of 2023.


In the coming days, the Treasury will make it clear more about the moves regarding the privatization dossier (or rather: the sale of the majority) of the Italian airline. The nodes are different, starting with the type of procedure that the government intends to launch for the tender that sees two main contenders: the US fund Certares and the MSC-Lufthansa maritime-air consortium. In theory, after not having extended the exclusive negotiations with Certares on October 31, another US fund, Indigo Partners, would also be in the running, but at the moment there are no movements on that front.

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