ITA / The risks for the causes of former Alitalia workers and the “luck” on an A330

Let’s face it, if Alfredo Altavilla, President of ITA Airways had hijacked an Airbus A320, replacing it with an A330 aircraft notoriously used for intercontinental routes, on the route from Fiumicino to Cagliari to bring friends and relatives on vacation, it would be like shooting the Red Cross. Instead, the writer thinks that Altavilla has only sin of style, because certainly the aircraft in question, currently underused on intercontinental routes, had already been planned for two and a half months before for use on that route, so it is not a question of any favoritism worthy of the Court of Auditors, but as we said it is all due to a matter of style, Altavilla and Co. could have traveled on another day, in economy and with other passengers and none of this would have created such a stir …

But let’s get back to the more interesting issues. There are more than 150 appeals presented to the Court of Rome by former Alitalia workers to have the business continuity recognized between Alitalia Sai in AS and ITA Airways Spa pursuant to Art. 2112 of the Civil Code. In the appeals presented by the workers, more than 1,500, in fact, the Labor Judge is asked to rule that ITA Airways is nothing more than the continuation of Alitalia’s activity despite the various decrees and various vicissitudes to prove the contrary.

The labor cases have been divided into several strands, and the first, which would involve about a hundred workers, mostly flight attendants, should go to sentence as early as next November. The judge, in fact, decided not to ask for further evidence or testimony, considering that there was already enough evidence in the appeals themselves to be able to go to sentence.

Obviously it will be a first instance sentence which, however, cannot fail to be highlighted also by the other judging magistrates who could also determine in the first instance the immediate re-employment of the appellant staff. What would happen, then, if the causes were to be won by the workers?

This is the most interesting part, apart from the fact that a potential buyer would have 1,500 more people to pay, unpublished scenarios would certainly open up. First of all, today ITA does not have a job for all those who should be reinstated, therefore for them the redundancy fund would be proposed again, moreover many would have to be re-certified and therefore there would be an immediate investment in terms of training resources to be able to put in condition pilots and flight attendants in order to be ready for a possible recall to service.

But let’s get to the news of the day. Flight AZ 630 of 16 August 2022, which was supposed to connect Rome Fiumicino with Miami, left for the US city at 10.40 am. He was supposed to arrive at 4 p.m. Florida time.

At one point the aircraft arrived near the French coast of Brittany had to turn around and return to Fiumicino as there would have been a technical problem with some parts of the aircraft.

The plane taking off, in fact, would have lost the braking blocks of one of the aircraft’s landing gear. The question would not be of much interest if the aircraft – an Airbus A330 with the EI-EJL brands – were not the same aircraft involved in the accident with Air France’s Boeing B777 last June 17, 2022 in New York and of which we had already written in a previous article.

The crew, however, instead of immediately returning to Fiumicino for the necessary checks, flew to the coasts of France before deciding to back off and also making two more passes off the Island of Elba before landing in Rome Fiumicino. Let’s say that an attentive pilot should have immediately communicated an emergency on board due to a technical failure and immediately return to Fiumicino, since the brake blocks of the trolley could have damaged either one of the two engines or, on impact, could damage the fuselage of the plane by affecting on aircraft safety.

More than someone would have made a joke like this: “But what a bad luck the very same plane of the accident in New York …”. I tell you that instead it was just a great luck that once again everything went for the best.

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