Italian bob, the glamorous square cut

Each season, a new scarf catches our eye! The one that is essential and should continue in the months to come? I’italian bob – literally “Italian square” -! Zoom on a cut in movement, elegant and full of style!

What is theitalian bob ?

As its name suggests, theitalian bob is a square cut (“bob” = “square”). The peculiarities of this trendy haircut ? With its lengths which arrive at the level of the edge of the jaws, it is a little longer than a ‘classic’ short bob. Less strict and stiff than the French bob, more refined and elegant than the square of the 80s, the Italian bob is inspired by the 60s and their very ‘dolce vita’ atmosphere. A little blurry, it is unmistakably the most glamorous of short squares … and it has many advantages:

  • the hair is long enough to tie it up,
  • the length at the level of the chin softens the features,
  • the cut sublimates all facial morphologies,
  • I’italian bob does not require brushing daily, it can be worn on straight, wavy, natural or styled hair,
  • the maintenance of this cup is not very restrictive.

Among the followers? Models Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid and Jeanne Damas, actresses Zendaya, Monica Bellucci, Léa Seydoux, Vanessa Hudgens, Elizabeth Olsen and many more…

I’italian bob Who is it for ?

With its relaxed look, theitalian bob is easy going and has plenty to seduce! It will be perfect for those looking to gain volume because it brings movement and character… but it will also appeal to those who want a cut capable of bringing freshness and style to their general look. The biggest asset of this cup is certainly the fact that it goes to everyone! Eit suits:

  • all face shapes: whether you have a round, square, oval or rectangular face, it doesn’t matter, the haircut italian bob is definitely a good choice!
  • all types of hair: straight, curly, curly, frizzy…
  • fine hair or thick hair: the Italian bob is authorized even if the rendering will not necessarily be the same!

Is the Italian bob a haircut that rejuvenates?

Yes, thanks to its chin length, the Italian square softens the features and gives an undeniable boost of freshness. So many assets that makeitalian bob an ideal cut when you want to ‘rejuvenate’ your appearance. Not convinced that this short cut is made for you? We advise you to rely on the 5.5 cm rule, which allows you to know if short hair is made for us… or not!

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