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Traditionally, September 1 is considered the beginning of the new Eurovision season. Everyone is looking at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Italy with the hope that there will be no need to repeat the last pandemic scenarios. What will happen to us in the coming season?

Eurovision 2022: the return of preselection

After a year of many internal elections in 2021, we can expect a mountain of domestic eliminations. Spain is reactivating the Festival in Benidorm, Supernova is returning in Latvia, and it is certainly to be expected that many other broadcasters who have abandoned their traditional formats due to the pandemic will return to them this season. Certainly, there will be plenty of emotions and many hits that will accompany us, regardless of whether we see them in Italy.

Eurovision 2022: Italian chaos?

There is concern among many fans that the Italian broadcaster RAI will approach Eurovision in a similar way as it did in Rome thirty years ago. Chaotic and dragged-on driving, ignoring the language rules and the “free American” – these were the elements that caused doubts in the Italian organization. However, keep in mind that both Eurovision and the Italian broadcaster are in a completely different place. The Sanremo Festival itself, which has many supporters (but also opponents), also presents many technologically advanced solutions that suggest that Eurovision will be one of the priority tasks of RAI television.

2022 will be the year of creators?

In the Eurovision 2021 final, as many as eight performers from the top ten were involved in the production of their competition songs. Although this is not a new trend, as it has been true for all winners since 2015, this trend has not been seen on such a large scale so far. What does it mean? A piece that coincides with the artist’s identity is more and more attractive to Eurovision viewers. Thus, we are moving away from radio songs that the broadcaster purchases from certain producers.

Måneskin, Eurovision 2021, conference
The Måneskin team at the press conference following their victory at Eurovision 2021. / Thomas Hanses

The return of the early 2000s

After the popularity of the 1980s, another wave of returns is waiting for us. This time to the infamous early 2000s, the teenage millennial period. Currently, Generation Z is rediscovering these trends, for example on TikTok. On the other hand, in the music world, Ariana Grande uses samples’ NSync, popular Olivia Rodrigo with a single inspired by the Paramore group, and the vocalist of Blink-182 is currently one of the more in demand producers (behind the rock incarnation of Willow Smith, among others). We already had glimpses of the Finnish group at Eurovision Blind Channel if Albina from Croatia, who drew handfuls of sounds from that period.

Feminine hip-hop and r & b

Another trend in the contemporary music scene is the clear presence of female hip-hop. Cardi B, Doja Cat or Niki Minaj, but also Lizzo – these performers shake the world music scene. There are also signs of blazing the trail for such artists at Eurovision. An example here is Manizha from Russia.

Ambitions of countries influenced by Italian culture

Although Italy has quite a strong impact on many parts of Europe, there are countries that draw heavily on Italian culture, such as Albania, Malta and Croatia. Taking into account the influence of the Italian market in those regions, it can be expected that business factors and the will to establish musical contacts will contribute to more careful preparations for the Italian edition of Eurovision. On the other hand, other countries from the sphere of Romanesque culture may treat this year’s victory of Italy very ambitiously.

Eurovision 2021, Albania, Anxhela Peristeri
Eurovision 2021, Albania, Anxhela Peristeri. Photo Thomas Hanses /

Eurovision 2022: what do we know?

We already know that we will definitely see Australia during Eurovision in Italy. However, it confirmed its participation at least 25 countries. The countries that took the podium this year will be among the candidates for the glass trophy. Italy will come back with the iconic San Remo festival, France will select a representative through pre-selection, while Switzerland choose an artist internally. In addition, the selection in San Marino will follow a new pre-selection format Una voce per San Marino. AND Israel returns with a new edition X-factorwhose winner will have a chance to represent in the coming year. Moreover, their participation was confirmed, among others, by: Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Lithuania and Ukraine. We will certainly see also Poland. The president of TVP – Jacek Kurski has already announced preparations.

At the moment, we do not know yet in which country we will be watching Eurovision in a year. There are five cities left to compete for the organization: Bologna, Milan, Pesaro, Rimini and Turin.

Source: Atlantic

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