Italian Cup, Lecce eliminated from the Citadel. Cagliari, Sampdoria and Udinese ahead

ROMECagliari-Perugia And Udinese-Feralpisalò inaugurated the thirty-second of Italian Cup. At the Unipol Domus the Cagliari from Liverani exceeds 3-2 on Perugia from Beavers with a comeback completed by the penalty converted by Lapadula and from the punishment of Nicolas Viola. The Sardinians will face the winner of the next round Bologna-Cosenza. At the Dacia Arena L’Udinese from Thin exceeds the Feralpisalò from Stefano Vecchi with the networks of Deulofeu on rigor and of the Nigerian Success. For the training of Series C the network of Siligardi. In the round of 32 the Friulians will meet the winner of Monza-Frosinone. At Via del Mare the Lecce from Marco Baroni sensationally loses 2-3 against Citadel from Gorini and is eliminated from the tournament. The Venetians will meet the winner of the next round Palermo-Turin. There Sampdoria from Giampaolo to the Ferraris passes one Reggina on the ball with a penalty of Sabiri between controversies and consultations at the Var. The Sampdoria in the sixteenths will face the winner of Venice-Ascoli.

Cagliari-Perugia 3-2: Lapadula and Viola overturn the match

At the Unipol Domus strong part the Cagliari from Fabio Liverani. At 2 ‘the Sardinian advantage is immediately: the velvety corner of Nicolas Viola with his left-handed he finds the third winning time of Giorgio Altar that beats Gori. At 10 ‘sensational opportunity wasted by Perugia with Kouan that from two steps to an empty goal misses the target. At 31 ‘comes the deserved draw of a good Perugia with the former goal Melchiorri which beats with a left diagonal Radunovic. Serious error of Of Pardo which allowed the restart of the Perugians. In the second half there is time for the new striker to enter the field in the 63rd minute Cagliari, Gianluca Lapadula, in place of Gaston Pereiro. The Perugia reverses the match in the 67th minute: Melchiorri’s assist in the center of the area for Seriousentered for two minutes in place of Lisi, who overtakes Radunovic with a platter on the left. Advantage Perugia. At 77 ‘Luvumbo was extended in the Perugia penalty area. After a check at the Var, the penalty for Cagliari is confirmed: the newcomer Lapadula shows up from the spot and makes no mistake, displacing Gori (2-2). The game does not end there. At 89 yet another turnaround: splendid free-kick with the left-handed of the rossoblù number 10, Nicolas Viola, with the ball that ends up under the intersection of the goalposts (3-2).

Udinese- Feralpisalò 2-1: Deulofeu-Success give Sottil the passage of the round

L’Udinese from Thin takes possession of the ball of the game from the first minutes with the usual Deulofeu among the most active. At 10 ‘a penalty kick is granted to the Friulians for a foul Pilates on Success. From the disk it transforms Deulofeu with a plate only touched by Pizzignacco. Between 20 ‘and 21’ a good double chance for the Feralpisalò: first the powerful and insidious punishment of Siligardi commits Silvestri with an excellent intervention, then a good header by Balestrero on the developments of a corner that ends just above the crossbar. Feralpisalà goes close to breaking even several times, again with Siligardi and Cernigoi. At 35 ‘the free kick well kicked by Deulofeu ends on the bottom with Pizzignacco out of action. In the second half Udinese doubles in the 64th minute with the winning tap-in of Success. Three minutes went by and Feralpisalò shortened the distance with a splendid left-hander on the fly under Siligardi’s seven on Salinas’ assist. Sottil’s Udinese pass the turn.

Lecce-Cittadella 2-3: Tounkara show, disappointment for the Salento

Lively start of the race with the two teams facing each other openly. At 20 ‘the Venetians go close to the advantage with Lores Varela that shoots up face to face with Falcon. The Lecce is forced to the first change for the muscle injury of Dermaku: enters in its place Bashkir. Only in the 44th minute the hosts touched the goal with a shot just above Bistrovic. In the second half the Citadel dominates the first ten minutes but it is the Lecce to sign the network that unlocks the race. At 61 ‘ By Francesco puts a cross in the area that overcomes the entire opponent’s defense: Fatigue puts in with the right counterbalance and brings the Salento on 1-0. The Citadel does not give up and finds a draw in the 73rd minute with the former Raul Asencio that anticipates Falcon head. The 1-1 persists. We go to extra time and to 93 ‘ Tounkara find the net with a shot from the edge of the area. The Citadel does not stop and signs the trio with the personal brace of Tounkara with a great goal on the fly (100 ‘). At 105 ‘+ 1 Colombo shortens the distance on the offside (2-3). The class of 2002 goes very close to a draw at the last minute of recovery but his shot touches the post. Thud Leccejoy Citadel.

Sampdoria-Reggina 1-0: Sabiri and Audero send the Sampdoria to the next round

Ready-away and it’s there Reggina to have the first opportunity with the distance shot of Liotti foiled for a corner by Audero. The race drags on at a rather slow pace, with both teams struggling to increase the engine revs. At 32 ‘opportunity for the Sampdoria: cross of Candreva for the header of Caputo: Ravaglia is saved in the corner. At 48 ‘and last minute of recovery of the first half Sampdoria one step away from the advantage with the punishment of Sabiri rejected by the amaranth goalkeeper. Few opportunities in the second half. At 65 ‘the referee Ferrieri Caputi awards a penalty for the Sampdoria after do it Pierozzi on the newly entered De Luca. Sabiri with a precise and angled shot beats Ravaglia and carries on his own. At 80 ‘la Reggina scores with the header of Crisetig but the Var cancels the assistman for offside Cicerelli. At 88 ‘foul by Augello on Pierozzi in the penalty area. After a consultation with the Var, Ferrieri Caputi indicates the disk. Cicerelli however, he is hypnotized by Audero. After 9 minutes of recovery he passes the Samp from Giampaolo.

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