Italian mafia boss captured thanks to google maps. After 20 years – o2

Gioacchino Gammino, a 61-year-old Italian mafiozo, was detained by investigators in Spain, thanks to the earlier discovery of his whereabouts using Google Street View, a virtual walk function built into Google maps, reports the website

North-west of Madrid, El Huerto de Manu was standing in the company of an unknown man outside the fruit and vegetable store of El Huerto de Manu. Investigators from Italy, after using a tool that showed what Gammino would look like after 20 years, using the resulting portrait of one of the most dangerous criminals, noticed the similarity of the man shown in the photo above with the generated photo. The height and profile of the mafiae also agreed.


Gammino escaped from prison in 2002

In 2001, Gammino was sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1999, he was charged with murder. He was serving a life sentence in Rebibbia prison on the outskirts of Rome.

In 2002, however, he escaped while a film was being shot on the premises of the plant. During the confusion caused by the photo crew, Gammino fled unnoticed by the guards – and through the main entrance to the prison, successfully hiding in the crowd.

In 2005, he fled to Spain, changed his name and surname, and severed contacts with his family. He created a new life by working, inter alia, as a chef in one of the Italian restaurants.


Google Street View, a service available on Google Maps, is the key clue in the investigation

General Nicola Altiero, deputy director of the Italian investigative department in Palermo, emphasized in an interview with the media that the photos on Google Street View were one of the most important clues that helped find a dangerous criminal.

By the end of January 2022, Gioacchino Gammino is to be handed over to the Italian prosecutor’s office. He will also soon be put in prison, after a 20-year hiatus, where he will continue to serve his life sentence, according to


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