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It would be found in the Evin prison in Tehran Alessia Piperno, the thirty-year-old Roman woman arrested in the Iranian capital. According to what ANSA learns, the woman was brought there immediately after her arrest, taken according to her father on her birthday, September 28, and from the same prison she phoned Italy to ask for help.

Alessia Piperno, again according to what has been possible to reconstruct, in her journey inside the country she would also have spent a period in Iranian Kurdistan, an area that is constantly monitored due to anti-regime demands. On the whole affair several authoritative sources reiterate the need to remain silent, to avoid compromising attempts to bring the woman back to Italy. Also because, it is emphasized, there is a desire to politicize the arrest regardless of the circumstances that caused it.

In one of the last posts written on Instagram, Alessia Piperno told of the street demonstrations and how one day two women, two men and two children arrived in her hostel to ask them for help, frightened by the clashes. “I don’t think I’ll ever forget that first night – her words -. We ran to the hostel with our hearts in our throats, while the sounds of gunfire boomed behind us and the smell of gas wafted into the air.” “I closed the door of the hostel while people were screaming in the streets – he continues -. After less than 30 seconds I heard a violent knock on the door of the hostel. They were two women, two men and two children. They were coughing sharply from breathing in the gas , and the older woman was having an asthma and panic attack. “Milk, milk.” They screamed. As I passed them a glass of water. In those seconds I didn’t seem to understand a thing. The chaos had followed me inside. those walls “.

The story ends with the drawing made by a little girl on Alessia’s mobile phone in those moments of terror. “She drew a house – she concludes – she. She didn’t speak English, yet when she drew that sun, she said ‘Sun’. Sun, she told me.”

Alessia’s friends ask for respect and silence with the hope of seeing you again as soon as possible. There are many ‘colleagues’ influencers who continue to share every hour the news of the arrest in Tehran, on which the diplomatic leaders of the Farnesina are now working, and more and more are those who are asking for silence on the case. “Maybe from now on we’d better keep quiet and just hope to see you again soon – write on social networks Deborah and Terence, who met the girl during their stay in Iran -. Alessia could be anyone among us. We are waiting for you” .

“We do not believe that Alessia would have wanted all this interest in her private sphere. Much less her family – they continue -. From what we know, the journalists have been stationed outside the house of Alessia’s parents and we are also receiving messages from journalists from different newspapers for ‘interviews’ or reconstructions. There is nothing to add, no one knows what happened, what is known has already been said … all the rest are assumptions. We do not believe that he would have wanted to see the his tutorials on how to make the turban on the news and we do not believe that he would have wanted to read vulgar and ignorant comments under the articles in which he talks about his story, or to listen to the classic phrase said by the neighbors ‘always greeted’. The hatred that exudes from these comments is the same as there had been for the case of Silvia Romano. We are also sure that Alessia would not have wanted the Iranians to be confused with their theocratic government, on this thing she was categorical “.

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