Italian: “Tomorrow a very important game, Twente very fearsome”. About Kokcu …

A few hours before Fiorentina’s European debut. The purple coach presents tomorrow’s match (21:00) against Twente

The expectation is growing for the first leg of the Conference League play-off against Twente. The purple technician Vincenzo Italiano This is how he presents tomorrow’s challenge in the press room: “A very important match for everyone. For the environment, for us, for me who are making their debut in Europe. For all those who have not yet had the opportunity to play these competitions. L ‘last year we fought hard to reach this goal, we want to do well. The tension will pass after the kick-off, we must forget it. We will face a strong team, he is showing it in this period. We will have to be very careful “.

Award race after these years? “I see it as a goal that I have tried to achieve. For this place, for myself. Every year I have always tried to improve in terms of goals. Last year we achieved what we wanted and personally I am very proud of it. For each coach there is always a first time, even for those who have won twenty Champions League. We will try to do well, I’m very happy for me and for the team. “

Twente? “I think they are one of the most prepared and organized teams, this keeps us focused. For us tomorrow’s match is too important. They are very fearsome, have great organization, quality players and have worked together for a long time. Twente must be played with. maximum attention, he knows what he has to do on the pitch in both phases “.

Of all the Florentine you’ve seen, which one would you like to see tomorrow? “We have new players and the need to become better than last year. Last season we got what we wanted, let our opponents shoot a little and create lots of chances. That’s the goal. Tomorrow we won’t have to be superficial. , we will not have to concede scoring chances by making scholastic errors. In Europe this is the basis. Certain evenings, like those of tomorrow, must be exploited. I appeal to the Viola fans as I feel a strong wind when we play, a wind that pushes us towards the opposing goal. I hope that many will arrive because we need them “.

Still on the Twente: “It’s a team that I saw a lot last season. They haven’t lost in a long time. Their center forward is a former world champion who still hurts but more generally they play very well in both phases. They are good at triggering the game as soon as they recover the ball “.

Kokcu? “He is an important player of quality. I know him but he is a Feyenoord player and I won’t add anything else.”

The away goal rule? “This gives the opportunity to see matches in which both teams need to win, now only that counts. In my opinion we will see a different spectacle, races less marked by speculation.”

Rome in Conference as an example? “The fact that last season the Conference League was won by an Italian team will not push us to go fast. Our pride will push us to go fast, our desire to move forward in the competition. The path will be long, also for this reason. I congratulate Roma for what they have managed to do, but for us it is essential to rediscover the pleasure of going to play teams around Europe “.

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