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Andrea Margelletti

Andrea Margelletti launches a very heavy warning. The Russian president Vladimir Putin it is far from weak. “The nuclear risk it’s real and very strongin this moment we need a posture of total rigor “, he explains in an interview with the news agency LaPresse. The president of the Center for International Studies, commenting on the Tsar’s speech, speaks of a “total diplomatic closure” by a leader who “is willing to use any tool for its success. “An eventuality in front of which, according to Margelletti, the Italian people should to be “more preparedwhile this thing is not perceived by us “.

Compared to the numbers of the partial mobilization announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the conflict in Ukraine, “300 thousand men may be a correct value, but if it wants, Russia can draw on huge numbers “. Since, the expert continues, it is the “largest country in the world”.

As for the referendums for annexation to Russia scheduled in four Ukrainian regions currently under the control of Moscow, the president of the International Studies Center points out, they are part of a larger “onion operation where we proceed in layers”. This consultation, concludes the analyst, cannot be accepted by the international community because “if we pass the concept that the biggest can use any tool against the weaker, then it would be anarchy”.

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