Italians robbed from their current accounts by scams, inflation and banks: how to defend themselves from sting

The sting on Italian current accounts is multiplying.

Unfortunately they are stuck heavy that come from very different situations and it is definitely the case to understand them better.


The first and heaviest sting on the current account it comes precisely from inflation. Indeed inflation in Italy has reached 8%. This means that 10 thousand euros kept in a current account in just 12 months have lost 800 euros of real value.

Inflation and scams

It was decades since inflation was not that high in our country and for the savings of the Italians it is a terrible sting.


But the second of the many stings on the current account of Italians comes precisely from the stamp duty. In fact, the stamp duty is a tax that is paid every time the balance in the current account exceeds € 5,000. For individuals it costs just under 40 euros per year while for companies it is 100 euros. But in the last 12 months it is precisely the management costs of the current account to be increased so much. If it is true that online banks allow you to save something it is It is also true that the operating costs of these all-digital banks have also increased. Furthermore, the scammers also take care of the current accounts of the Italians. In fact, scams against Italian account holders are multiplying.

Fraud and taxes

In most cases, these are scams very well done that arrive right by email. In the scam email that seems to have been sent by your bank, reference is made to practices that must be done urgently to secure the account. Or we talk about legal regulations to comply with. In short, these emails seem to come from their own bank and those who receive them are pushed to what is called a call to action. So he is pushed to take a specific action which is precisely the one desired by the scammers.

How to avoid scams

By clicking on the link contained in the email you will be taken to a site that apparently is that of your bank but in reality it is a scam platform capable of stealing user data. By doing this, the scammers will have a good game to understand the access data to the current account and to access it. It is very important not to fall into these scams and if you receive such emails it is important not to believe them and eliminate them immediately. But scams are also showing up at the ATM. In fact, it is precisely at the ATM that many Italians unfortunately fall victim to scammers thanks to the micro cameras hidden in the ATMs.

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