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Weather evolution 11-12 August

DEPRESSION ON CENTRAL-EASTERN EUROPE. The influx of relatively cooler northeastern currents that is characterizing the beginning of the second decade of August will result in the formation of a low pressure area in the second half of the week over Central and Eastern Europe, slowly approaching Italy. This will be able to influence the weather on part of our regions, activating widespread daytime thunderstorms in the Center-South, Friday locally up to the Alps. At the end of the week, however, the low pressure area will move away again towards the east, allowing a comeback of the anticyclone on the central-western Mediterranean. In detail:

WEATHER THURSDAY. Initially sunny or slightly cloudy day; from the afternoon the instability in the alpine areas will intensify again with some rain, but above all in the Apennines and in particular in the southern one. In fact, I waited showers and thunderstorms, even strong and locally accompanied by hail and gusts of wind on the Campania-Lucan sector, in a local encroachment to the Tyrrhenian coast and gradually attenuating in the evening. Thunderstorms in daytime formation also on the inland areas of the major islands, attenuating in the evening. Temperatures without significant variations.

WEATHER FRIDAY‘. Already in the morning some variability on the eastern Alps, eastern Ligurian hinterland, irregular cloudiness in the south with some storms on high Puglia and northern Sicily. During the day some showers or thunderstorms on the central-eastern Alps and Prealps, the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, the Ligurian hinterland and Sardinia; more organized thunderstorms will form on the inland areas of the southern peninsula and Sicily, locally strong and hail and locally encroaching on the coasts, Tyrrhenian species. More openings in Puglia and general attenuation of the phenomena in the evening. Stable temperatures.

WEEKEND WEATHER. Wide spells Saturday in the North, Tuscany, Umbria and Marche, still unstable in the rest of the Center and in the South with thunderstorms especially from the afternoon. Sunday greater stabilization of the weather due to the reinforcement of the anticyclone on the Mediterranean and intensifying heat especially in the Center-North. However, this is a trend that needs confirmation, follow the next updates.

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