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Italy defeated Argentina in three sets and hit the qualification goal for the quarter-finals of the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Championships. The reigning European champions are in fact certain to conclude the second group stage among the top four of their group, in view of tomorrow’s match against China.

Paola Egonu and her companions, however, are not yet sure of the first place, in fact they can be overtaken by Brazil and China in the coming days. The crossings in the quarter-finals will be first-fourth and second-third of this grouping.

Recall that the the first discriminating factor is that of the number of victoriesthen i overall pointsto follow the set ratio and finally the point ratiothe blue will present themselves to the last challenge with China at the command of Pool E. Below is the updated ranking after Italy-Argentina:

Women’s volleyball, Italy flies to the quarters of the World Cup! Argentina scrambled, challenge China to win the group


1) Italy 7 wins (8 games, 22 points, set ratio 3.833, point ratio 1.246)
2) Brazil 7 wins (8 games, 20 points, set ratio 3,142, point ratio 1,238)
3) Japan 6 wins (8 games, 18 points, set ratio 2,375, point ratio 1,126)
4) China 6 wins (7 games, 17 points, set ratio 3,800, point ratio 1,138)
5) Belgium 5 wins (7 games, 15 points, set ratio 2,428, point ratio 1,175)
6) Netherlands 4 wins (8 games, 13 points, set ratio 1,143, point ratio 1,100)
7) Puerto Rico 2 wins (8 games, 6 points, set ratio 0.368, point ratio 0.858)
8) Argentina 2 wins (8 games, 5 points, set ratio 0.333, point ratio 0.850)

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