Italy. One-third of those infected with the coronavirus were hospitalized for another disease

There are currently over 18.6 thousand infected people in hospitals, including about 1,600 in intensive care.

Case studies of a survey of 550 infected patients, conducted by the Italian federation of hospitals in Rome, Brescia, Genoa, Bologna, Bari and Avellino, found 34 percent of them were free from symptoms of COVID-19, a disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus . They are hospitalized due to other diseases such as trauma, heart attack, stroke, organ failure, diabetes, oncological and neurological diseases. There are also pregnant women who require gynecological and obstetric therapy.

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In addition, the test showed the presence of coronavirus in them. This, it was explained, “hospitalized not because of the virus, but with the virus.”

The remaining patients, or 66 percent of hospitals, are diagnosed with pneumonia caused by this pathogen.

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In analyzing these data, the federation of hospitals drew attention to the age difference between patients; those admitted to hospital with the virus are older, with an average age of 69 years. Only 14 percent of them got vaccinated with two or three doses.

Hospitalized as a result of other diseases are on average 56 years old, and those vaccinated constitute 27% of them.

It is emphasized that in both of these groups the unvaccinated definitely dominate.

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