Italy, Syracuse. “If I had believed in Covid, I’d be telling a different story today.” The moving content of the 66-year-old obituary

Italian media reports the story of a resident of Syracuse (Sicily) who resisted vaccination against the coronavirus. The 66-year-old was hospitalized and died, his funeral was held on Monday. Before his death, the man was asked to ask his family to quote his words in the obituary that journalists now quote: “If I had believed in a pandemic … if I had believed in the coronavirus …”.

The 66-year-old lived in the Belvedere district in the western province of Syracuse. He came to the hospital named Umberto I at the beginning of November. He stayed there for almost two weeks, he died on Saturday. “His death is a painful blow to the community of the city in which he worked, he was very well known and appreciated among the inhabitants” – wrote a journalist of the portal on Sunday.


Local portals say that the man was against vaccination against the coronavirus. “He also denied the existence of the pandemic. He did not want to listen to appeals about vaccinations, he doubted the effectiveness of vaccines. However, on his deathbed, he asked his relatives to issue an appeal on his behalf with a completely different message and put it in the obituary” – we read in the journal article ” Ragusa News “.

“He knocked on the door and turned the world upside down”

The family complied with the 66-year-old’s request. “If I had believed in a pandemic … if I had believed in the coronavirus … today I would tell a different story, completely different” – read the words written at the bottom of the obituary.

The man’s funeral took place on Saturday

The man’s funeral took place on Monday at Saint Sebastian’s Church in Belvedere. The celebrations started at 3 pm The daily “La Stampa” quotes the words of the deceased’s granddaughter: “The coronavirus, which did not concern us, one day knocked on the door of our house and turned the world upside down …”.

The funeral mass was presided over by the parish priest of Salvatore Caramagno. An excerpt from the sermon is quoted by the journalist “Stampa”: “Sometimes in life we ​​make wrong choices, let our brother’s death be a sign of hope for those to whom he addressed his message. Admitting one’s mistake and warning others not to do the same is a light, worth following “.

Coronavirus in Italy

Over 4.9 million coronavirus infections have been recorded in Italy since the start of the pandemic. More than 133,000 people infected with COVID-19 have died, and more than 4.6 million are considered cured.

At the beginning of the week, a new record for the number of daily vaccinations performed with the third dose against COVID-19 was set in Italy. More than 164,000 people were vaccinated on Monday alone, the authorities announced.

Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign last December, 95 million doses of COVID-19 preparations have been administered in Italy. After two doses, more than 84 percent of people over the age of 12 are. According to government data, about 4.3 million inhabitants of the country have received the third dose so far.

Syracuse is situated on the eastern coast of Sicily, La Stampa, PAP

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