Italy U21-Japan U21 1-1: Fujio responds to Colombo

Live Italy-Japan U21 1-1 (38 ‘Colombo, 55’ Fujio)

90 ‘+ 3 – Cambiaghi slips face to face with Sasaki: a colossal chance for Italy U21 fades.

90 ‘ – There will be three minutes of recovery.

89 ‘ – Nicolato gives the debut also to Ruggeri, outside Viti.

84 ‘ – Cambiaghi again: his shot is rejected.

82 ‘ – Ranocchia replaces Rovella, both at Monza and owned by Juventus, Moro’s Under 21 debut: Colombo takes his place. Kimura for Suzuki the response of the Japanese coach.

81 ‘ – Fagioli earns a free kick from the edge, Rovella beats short and Cambiaghi fails to give power.

77 ‘ – Italy is very dangerous with Colombo, Sasaki denies the Italians the advantage with a great intervention.

75 ‘ – Double change between the Japanese ranks: Kawasaki and Hata take over Tanaka and Kato.

73 ‘ – Beautiful shot of Canestrelli’s head, Sasaki blocks in a dive.

70 ‘ – Caprile, put in difficulty by Pirola’s back pass, evades Suzuki’s pressure with a nice dribble.

68 ‘ – Sato tries it from outside, his shot – weak – crashes against the billboards.

67 ‘ – Cambiaghi goes away in dribbling and puts it in for Colombo, who hits badly.

63 ‘ – Canestrelli, Cambiaghi and Bove take the place of Scalvini, Esposito and Vignato.

62 ‘ – Italy, momentarily in ten, goes into goal with Esposito: double dribbling and right, but only gains a corner kick.

60 ‘ – Problems for Scalvini, the health workers of Italy enter the field.

55 & # 39; – Japan draw: Fujio signs the 1-1 header on the developments of a corner.

52 ‘ – Very active Sato, Viti stops him with a great intervention.

50 ‘ – Caprile neutralizes the attempt of the newly entered Sato.

47 ‘ – Canceled the 2-0 to Sebastiano Esposito for a slight offside position.

46 ‘ – Nicolato sends Cambiaso and Parisi on the field for Udogie and Bellanova, in Japan Fujio and Sato take the place of Honda and Saito.

45 ‘ – Saito from outside, Caprile blocks, then Suzuki tries in vain. Here ends the first half with a score of 1-0 in favor of the azzurrini.

44 ‘ – Suzuki from outside, Italy makes a wall and starts on the counterattack concluded by Bellanova, who kicks high.

43 ‘ – Colombo tries again: the Japanese defense rejects his header.

38 & # 39; – GOAL OF ITALY U21: very serious mistake by the Japanese defense, Esposito steals the ball from Handa and Colombo signs the 1-0 with a splendid left-handed shot.

37 ‘ – Again Hosoya with a stake from the ground, Caprile rejects, then the blue defense walls Saito and frees the area.

36 ‘ – Japan one step away from the lead, with Hosoya looking for the touch under face to face with Caprile: ball out.

35 ‘ – Esposito tries from a tight angle, a conclusion deflected for a corner, on whose developments Fagioli looks for the ballistic volley with a high coefficient of difficulty, with the ball far from the mirror.

29 ‘ – Nice ball by Scalvini for Colombo, the ball picks up speed on the wet ground and favors Sasaki’s exit.

25 ‘ – Suzuki tries with the left-handed from the edge, replies the Italian defense.

18 ‘ – First conclusion of the Azzurrini: Udogie’s poisonous right-foot goes out on the bottom by very little.

17 ‘ – Hosoya sees Caprile out of the posts and tries to lob from distance, the ball ends up high.

13 ‘ – Bellanova again on the bottom, ball stretched in the middle, ball slightly too long for Udogie.

8 ‘ – Cross from Bellanova at the far post, Handa anticipates Udogie.

2′ – Naivety of the Japanese goalkeeper, Rovella does not feel like kicking first intention and the action fades.

1 ‘ – Go! For the first time the Italy Under 21 faces the same age of Japan.

Italy-Japan U21, the official formations

ITALY (3-5-2): Caprile; Pirola, Scalvini, Viti; Bellanova, Fagioli, Rovella, Vignato, Udogie; Colombo, Seb. Esposito. Ct: Nicolato.

JAPAN (3-4-3): Sasaki; Handa, Nishio, Kato; Suzuki, Honda, Fujita, Tanaka; Yamada, Saito, Hosoya. Ct: Oiwa.

REFEREE: Sanchez Martinez (Spain).
ASSISTANTS: Cabanero Martinez and Lopez Mir.
IV MAN: Dionysus.

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