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20.00, Women’s pole vault final

Roberta Bruni shows up at the final act with the second best seasonal entry measure, 5.71 meters. It is likely that a 5.70 will be needed (at the first test?) To harpoon the medal in a very level context, where however the Greek Aikaterini Stefanidi, far from the glories of Rio 2016, and the Slovenian Tina Sutej could have something more. For the Roman the race of life will be needed, it is a train that will hardly pass again.

Percentage of medal

Roberta Bruni 35%

8.15 pm, Men’s triple jump final

The gold seems to have already been awarded to the Cuban, naturalized Portuguese, Pedro Pichardo, this year pushed up to 17.95 meters. For the silver and bronze, however, there is also Italy, with Emmanuel Ihemeje who impressed well in the qualifiers and who could approach, if not exceed, 17.30, the same goal as Andrea Dallavalle. Top 5 goal also for Tobia Bocchi, who for the medal will have to jump around the staff of 17.14. The French Pontvianne and Hodebar will be the main pitfalls for our standard bearers.

Percentage of medal

Emmanuel Ihemeje 65%
Andrea Dallavalle 50%
Tobia Bocchi 30%

9.00 pm, Women’s hammer throwing final

Sara Fantini, useless to hide, aims for the gold medal, presenting herself in the final act with the best seasonal measure, 75.77, obtained by now two months ago. A very tight race is expected: if the Polish Kopron and the Finnish Tervo represented two concrete threats, the Azerbaijani Skydan also emerged in qualifying, throwing the hammer at 74.57 meters. After the fourth place at the World Championships, Fantini is looking for the final consecration: to win it is presumable that she will have to approach her staff.

Percentage of medal

Sara Fantini 65%


5.30 pm, men’s time trial

Change in the race by the Federation, perhaps accrued following an anonymous online test. Filippo Ganna should not have competed in this competition, subsequently it was decided to focus strongly on the bi-world champion, who takes the place of Matteo Sobrero. Although not at 100% of form, the 1996 class still starts with the underdogs and will have to contend mainly with the Swiss Stefan Kueng and Stefan Bissegger, but also with the Danish Mikkel Bjerg. Top5 possible for Mattia Cattaneo.

Percentage of medal

Filippo Ganna 90%
Mattia Cattaneo 25%


18.00, Final 50 men sl

Lorenzo Zazzeri and Lorenzo Zazzeri can play for a medal. The man to beat will be the British Proud, but watch out for the Dutch veteran De Boer. The blues must try to get closer to 21 “50.

18.05, Final 50 women’s breaststroke

Italy dreams of a double medal with Benedetta Pilato and Arianna Castiglioni. However, we will have to deal with the Lithuanian Ruta Meilutyte, who in the last World Championships in Budapest won with a tenth of an advantage over Pilate (29 ″ 70 against 29 ″ 80) and who impressed in the semifinals and will start favored.

Percentage of medal

Benedetta Pilato 99%
Arianna Castiglioni 85%

18.10, Final 100 men backstroke

Thomas Ceccon is the reigning world champion and world record holder. His favorite race comes at the end of the European Championship, when the forces are now at a glance. It takes a last effort to get to grips with the ambitious Greek Apostolos Christou, already gold in the 50 backstroke, and the French Ndoye Brouard.

Percentage of medal

Thomas Ceccon 100%

6.16 pm, Women’s 200 butterfly final

The European level is very far from that of the rest of the world, therefore decidedly modest. For this Ilaria Cusinato will try to put a precious medal around her neck. The dosage of energy on the four pools will be decisive.

Percentage of medal

Ilaria Cusinato 35%

18.37, Final 200 mixed men

Alberto Razzetti, despite the efforts of the 200 butterfly final held shortly before, did well in the semifinal, obtaining the fourth time overall. The Portuguese Gabriel José Lopes has impressed so far, but the feeling is that the blue, scraping the last energies from the bottom of the barrel, can try.

Percentage of medal

Alberto Razzetti 60%

6.44 pm, Final 400 sl women

There is a desire for three of a kind for Simona Quadarella, but this time she will not be favored. The German Maria Isabel Gose, more sprinter than the blue, seems to have something more. Possible medal, for the gold dominates urbis will have to overcome.

Percentage of medal

Simona Quadarella 60%

18.53, Final 400 sl men

Lorenzo Galossi, Marco De Tullio and Gabriele Detti are all able to aspire to a medal, but only two of them, due to the passport rule, will be able to access the final. This year the German Lukas Maertens swam an unreal 3’41 ″ 60, however here in Rome he doesn’t seem to be in top form. Then there is the great unknown of the Romanian champion David Popovici, eager to explore a new territory with the not so veiled goal of becoming the undisputed master of free style from 100 to 400.

Percentage of medal

Lorenzo Galossi 50%
Marco De Tullio 45%
Gabriele Detti 40%

19.16, Final 4 × 100 mixed women

Definitely compact quartet for Italy with Margherita Panziera on back, Benedetta Pilato on breaststroke, Ilaria Bianchi on butterfly and Silvia Di Pietro freestyle. Medal absolutely within reach, for Sweden gold on pole.

Percentage of medal

Italy 70%

19.25, Final 4 × 100 mixed men

The worthy conclusion of this European championship would be the triumph in this relay, where the Azzurri took the world scepter in June by beating the United States. The only weak point is the dolphin: who will be deployed by Federico Burdisso and Matteo Rivolta? Ceccon and Martinenghi will be able to create a gap between back and breaststroke, then it will be up to Miressi to finish with the freestyle.

Percentage of medal

Italy 99%


1.50 pm, 3-meter mixed synchro springboard final

Chiara Pellacani and Matteo Santoro are reigning European champions and at the World Cup in Budapest they won silver behind China. Blue favorites, a close duel is expected with the British James Heatly / Grace Reid.

Percentage of medal

Pellacani / Santoro 95%

2.57 pm, Women’s platform final

Sarah Jodoin Di Maria played an excellent World Cup, finished in seventh position and as the best European, moreover with a very important score of 295.65 which, if repeated, could be worth gold. To keep an eye on the Dutch Praasterink, the German Wassen and the British Toulson.

Percentage of medal

Sarah Jodoin Di Maria 70%

Photo: Lapresse

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