“It’s a toilet”, but everyone screwed it up, from Kim to Emrata: the Pete Davidson case. But if one is male isn’t it body shaming? -MOW

Pete Davidson, famous American comedian, is the new flame of Emrata. The two have come out in the open and their liaison is generating mad laughter on the web. Rosiconi? Also. But the finger of the smartest of the politically correct is pointed at his appearance: and so on memes, hypotheses on the size of his member, sequels of “How did he do this?”. Already ex of Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande, we imagine him sleeping peacefully. At the same time, if Davidson were a woman, we bet many would have taken to the streets on Twitter to speak out against these retrograde, brutal and sexist comments. The other side of the double standard

ci go again. Emily Ratajkowski has a new boyfriend. His name is Pete Davidson, he’s a famous American comedian and … he’s not good enough for her. This, at least, in the opinion of anyone who has expressed themselves on the liaison since the couple came out into the open. In the last few hours, tweets of great disappointment have been flocking from the usual deceased of pheasant but also mocking memes, irresistible jokes and daggers from real sommeliers of the masculine beltade, all referring to the lack of attractiveness of the pore (so to speak) Pete. “But how did this one here?”, “Well, he’s going to have it huge or it’s not explained”, “Why did Emrata get involved with this toilet?”, wonders the unified networked internet. Now, regardless of how much we fall into the sentimental choices of the newly divorced Emrata, we invite you to reflect on a perhaps not so marginal issue: if Davidson had been a woman, let’s say, the new flame of Brad Pitt or Harry Styles… reading those comments addressed to her would have caused an uproar of blame, outrage and condemnations of #bodyshaming. However, when the wickedness expressed concerns the body of a male, it’s always all a laugh. A beautiful and good short circuit that we humbly bring to the attention of those who tweet well…

vlet’s spare the pipponi on the supreme subjectivity of what is beautiful and please, that’s okay. The point is not whether this Davidson is aesthetically “worthy” (but what does that mean, anyway?) of the divine Emily, but rather the fury against his appearance. A fury that has so far remained unpunished, indeed, fomented and considered as the meme of the day. A very funny fact, instead of him. It’s so funny to say that a man is a toilet, but woe to address less than a coddling superlative, especially on the web, to a woman. We fear we are not wrong in saying that if behavior is contemptible and hateful, even offensive, it is no matter what gets between the legs of the person who suffers it.

Assuming that Davidson will sleep peacefully, it is the principle that does not work. Also because it implies a miserable afterthought: the male, by nature, can bear negative comments on his physique. The female, on the other hand, would be shattered by a verbal attack about cellulite, a crooked nose or, heaven forbid, split ends. Do we really consider ourselves that infinitely swoon-worthy? In short, the same feminists, those who define themselves as such on Instagram and who are so active for #adv and social surroundings, squeeze, see themselves as fragile pandas on the verge of extinction to which the mere sound of an unkind word could enough to be definitively annihilated? Okay, just know. On the other hand…

d‘other account where would it be written that a man, any man, is genetically born with the predisposition to accept with a smile and a par de burps stabbed against his appearance? It is as if it were an unwritten universal law, but it should be re-codified. We reiterate: “Poro” Pete will be lounging next to goddess Emrata as we write, so we’re guessing he’s got other things to do than scrolling through Twitter or Instagram, whining loudly. The question, moreover, concerns “us”, not him. We’ve always been used to laughing at male “defects” and getting indignant when female ones are pointed out. Maximum heresy, sacrilege! And so, when we speak (badly) of men, anything goes…

From body shaming to mockery to verbal abuse, nothing is ever perceived as offensive or wrong. In what sense “verbal violence”? Random example: “How I’ll kill your ex” is the title of a comedy released at the cinema in 2017 starring Mila Kunis. A flop at the box office, of course, but the film would never have been called that if the main character had been a boyfriend disappointed by the betrayal of her partner. Planning to kill ex-partner asshole, what fun! For sure, he deserved it! Or not?

Returning to our radiant beautiful country, just so as not to go too far back in time, we have the admirable influencer Chiara Nasti who compared her previous partner’s penis to a “shrimp” in a public Instagram comment, in response to a hater. Cut: imagine if it was he, the ex, who similarly compared the vulva of the once so loved to a cathedral… Boom, parliamentary question.

cOf course, it is also possible that Davidson attracts hatred and gnawing because he boasts a sentimental CV full of women idolized all over the world from Kim Kardashian to Ariana Grande. Again, if she were a woman he would be considered a queen, if not The Ultimate Queen. In short, it is always the old, hackneyed story of the double standard that returns to jam the mechanisms of sacrosanct social netiquette. But we never learn it.

Assuming that everyone, without exception, treacherously comments on the new flame of the postman of the village when necessary, we would have to decide whether to do so is a legitimate nature of every human being, or a serious contempt liable to be burned at the stake. We are impatiently awaiting the response of those who tweet well. And in the meantime, we will continue to do exactly as we please. Amen.

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