It’s already a classic. Developres and Chemik had five sets again

A five-set match at the top of the Tauron League. This was to be expected. Developres Bella Dolina won 3-2 with Grupa Azoty Chemik Police, but the team from the West Pomeranian Voivodeship remained the leader of the tournament.

Sebastian Szczytkowski

Sebastian Szczytkowski

Volleyball players of Developresu Bella Dolina Rzeszów

PAP / Darek Delmanowicz / In the photo: Developresu Bella Dolina Rzeszów volleyball players

The confrontations between Developres and Chemik decide about the distribution of trophies in the country. This year alone, the clubs faced the Tauron League final, and the fierce series was decided by the cheeks. Developres played out in the fall in the confrontation for the Polish Super Cup.

Since the aforementioned match in Lublin, Chemik won a full set of matches in the Tauron League and one match in the Champions League, so he came to the Podpromie hall rushing. The first batch was evenly matched for the time being. Jacek Nawrocki’s charges, however, waited for a convenient moment to accelerate. The 25:19 win was a good opening, and Agnieszka Kąkolewska dealt the last blow to the players from Rzeszów.

In the second set, Developres showed a claw – he reversed the initially unfavorable result. He recalled the advantage that the cheeks were afraid of before coming to Rzeszów, i.e. an unpleasant play. After the victory of Stephane Antiga’s players 25:22 there was a 1-1 draw in the match. It was already going to be a long volleyball evening.

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The third round is like the Rzeszów-Police rivalry in a nutshell. The lead often changed, for both teams there were no lost balls, and no win-win situations. The chemist won 25:23 in this fierce game, he could count on his attacking Jovana Brakocević-Canzian, he launched a block.

The players from Rzeszów led to a tie-break thanks to their good performance in the fourth set. They won 25:21 in it. Developres defeated the Chemist with his favorite weapon, i.e. the block. In the decisive part of the round, the net was bricked up. Moreover, an interesting maneuver of Antiga’s coach was introducing Ana Kalandadze instead of Kara Bajema.

In the decisive set it was difficult for both teams to leave. Developres led a bit when switching sides, but the game was barely restarted, it was 9: 7 for Chemik. The Policz players were in the lead for some time, but before the decisive actions it was 13:13. As if the impressions were not enough, there was a fight for the advantages. Chemik had the first match ball, but instead of using it, he lost three actions in a row and the club from Podkarpacie won 16:14.

Developres Bella Dolina Rzeszów – Grupa Azoty Chemik Police 3: 2 (19:25, 25:22, 23:25, 25:21, 16:14)

Developres: Stencel, Wenerska, Bajema, Jurczyk, Honorio Marques, Blagojević, Szczygłowska (libero) and Bagrowska, Kalandadze

Chemist: Kowalewska, Łukasik, Milenković, Kąkolewska, Wasilewska, Brakocević-Canzian, Stenzel (libero) and Rios, Czyrniańska, Pol

MVP: Aleksandra Szczygłowska (Developres)

Tauron League

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