‘It’s disappointing’, Take-Two reacts to trailer leak

GTA 6: 'So disappointing', Take-Two reacts to trailer leak

GTA 6: ‘So disappointing’, Take-Two reacts to trailer leak

grand theft auto 6 It’s one of the most ambitious games in recent years, which is why thousands of players are eagerly awaiting the game’s official release. first trailer.Unfortunately, a leak spoiled the surprise rock star game He had to react in the moment.

After years and months of waiting, the developers have confirmed that the first trailer for the new installment in the series will be released during the film’s opening sequence. December 2023.Shortly after, the video was uploaded to the channel Youtube The name of the company and premiere date and time have been confirmed.

The news excited thousands of people, and other companies even copied the poster, confirming when the trailer would be released. grand theft auto 6. However, the video surfaced on Twitter a day ago, forcing Rockstar Games to take action.

Now, head Two points of interactionThe parent company of Rockstar Games spoke about the incident and revealed the team’s reaction to the leak.

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“I don’t think it’s going to hurt us,” Strauss Zelnick says of GTA 6 leaks

As part of a conference call with Take-Two investors, Strauss ZelnickThe company’s executive director expressed his views on the leak of the official preview in a statement to the portal IGN. There, he expressed his and the team’s frustrations, but he didn’t think the incident would have any impact on the game.

“We were so surprised when the trailer came out and it became big news, and we were so happy when it hit the internet. So we couldn’t be happier and more excited. The team is always excited when it comes to leaks Disappointed but ultimately I don’t think it’s going to hurt us”, stressed the executive.

During the earnings call, Strauss Zelnick emphasized that the trailer grand theft auto 6 Increased interest in the franchise, reflected in the good sales it received grand theft auto 5 in recent months and achieved success Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy – Definitive Edition on Netflix.

The official trailer for The official trailer for

The official trailer for “Grand Theft Auto 6” has been viewed more than 174 million times

Of course, enthusiasm grand theft auto 6 it is true.The official trailer broke MrBeast’s record on YouTube and is currently ranked as the most viewed video game preview in the platform’s entire history, second only to an official trailer for a mobile game Subway parkourcumulatively close to 361 million views.

Although the community is very excited, you’ll have to be very patient to play this new open world experience. According to the company’s financial reports, it seems unlikely to debut before April 2025.

But tell us, did you like the gameplay trailer? Are you looking forward to its launch? Let us read your thoughts in the comments.

grand theft auto 6 In development for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Please follow this link to read more related news or join the conversation in our official Discord.

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