“It’s going to be impeccable”, Florent Pagny is ready for a tour and a new album

Gaana – Suffering from lung cancer, 61-year-old singer gives reassuring news about his health status

Battling lung cancer, Florent Pagny on Friday gave reassuring news about the state of his health at an evening hosted by Fayard Editions in Paris. The 61-year-old singer told RTL that he was “on the right track”. “It’s running flawlessly,” he assured. After starting chemotherapy once again, the artist is now following an immunotherapy treatment.

Florent Pagny announced on his Instagram account on January 25, 2022 that he was suffering from cancer. He immediately canceled his big 60th anniversary tour. If he thought he had won his battle against the disease, a few months later it happened to him: on April 2, the singer confirmed that he had become ill again and had to follow new treatments.

couple of 20 years

interpreter of Sing Confirmed to return to the stage soon. Thus it will be at the center of the Arènes de Nîmes on 30 June and will tour festivals this summer. “I would be happy to have many friends, many people”, explains Florent Pagny to RTL. Even if the doctors are not convinced: “The medical profession sees me saying that this is not the right time, recognizes the singer in the microphone of BFMTV. Physically, among the products I receive… this (.. .) Read more on 20 minutes

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