“It’s impossible to work with her”, says Shakira’s employee

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An employee of singer Shakira opened up about what it’s like to work with the Colombian artist. Cristina Cárdenas works as an figuration coordinator, supervising extras on recordings.

According to an employee, it is “impossible” to work with the singer, which makes the team desperate. Cristina also reported that Shakira hinders the team’s activities and ends up making the professionals involved desperate.

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“She’s bossy. A recording with Shakira, which could last four hours because of the shots, lasts seventeen hours. It despairs the producer, the directors and everyone”, he claims.

The revelations did not stop there. The acting coordinator said that the singer refuses to work with an extra who is prettier or stands out more than her. According to Cristina, the actress points to the woman who bothered her and says that she is out of the recording.

Finally, Cardenas revealed that no one wants to work with Shakira because of these behaviors. “It’s impossible to work with her. Nobody wants to record with Shakira. The acting dies of heartbreak and the team despairs”, he concluded.

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