“It’s sadder than the first one”: Luísa Sonza reveals that she wrote a continuation of “cliff.” – Famous Brazil Portal

“It’s sadder than the first one”: Luísa Sonza reveals that she wrote a continuation of “cliff.”

Luisa Sonza made Brazil suffer with the track “penhasco.”, Luísa’s most expressive song for her second album, “DOCE 22”, but apparently the gaúcha didn’t tell everything she had to tell.

Sonza revealed that she has already written the continuation of the track, which has already been called “cliff 2”, but the singer has already made it clear that it has nothing to do with the theme of the song we already know, but that it will be sadder than the current one.

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Luísa revealed “cliff 2” is part of the third studio album, which will be released in late 2022.

The success of “cliff.”

When Luísa revealed to fans that “DOCE 22” was a journey full of pain and euphoria, fans immediately began to wonder if the artist would address the turbulent moment she passed after the end of her first marriage.

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In its first 24 hours, the track became one of the most played songs on “DOCE 22”, reaching the top spot on Spotify, even without being a single.

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