“It’s THE date we’ve all been waiting for”: the Band’Arverne can’t wait to play at Saint-Julien in Brioude

Every year you see them. You hear them. And thanks to them, you dance. As for many years, the Band’Arverne, will be in the ranks of the Saint-Julien parades, at 3:30 p.m. and 9 p.m.

The program of the Festival of Saint-Julien de Brioude, meeting at the end of school holidays

If some musicians have “dried” performances during the summer, this is the one not to be missed. “This is THE date we’ve all been waiting for”, recognizes Hugo Marion, head of the banda since 2020. Under his orders, around thirty people, from 9 to 73 years old. “We are ‘sub-contractors’ of the Harmonie de Brioude, so we have all the profiles and all the instruments.”


Playing at Saint-Julien is almost the same as performing at Langeac, Lavaudieu or Le Broc. But there is that little extra spark. This hyperlocal side. This pride of being at home. “It’s a pride to play at home,” says Arthur Vialard, band assistant and vice-president of Harmony. They will be 30 to parade in the streets and on the boulevards of Brioude.

“We are going to offer around thirty well-known songs like those of Lady Gaga, songs from the South-West, a bit in Bayonne party mode.”

Hugo Marion (Band leader)

To set the fire, a few rehearsals took place, but never in full strength. “We have staffing problems. We lack desks (instruments, Editor’s note) like trumpets and trombones. It’s a bit complicated, but fortunately there is solidarity with the other bandas in the area. We help each other with Langeac, Auzon, Paulhaguet… For this weekend we will have some reinforcements, but not that much since all the members of the Band’Arverne have made themselves available.”

premium The Brioude Music School (Haute-Loire) will offer courses in Langeac (August 2022)

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Performances at Mass and on parades

Friday evening 25, a rehearsal is planned. The first warm-up lap will take place on Sunday August 27 in the morning with mass at the basilica (10:30 a.m.). A great opportunity to settle in and correct the last faults before the two parades. However, the goal will not be to be 100% perfect. But to “have fun, to take pleasure”. To make people dance. “When we see them move, clap their hands, it warms our hearts, it motivates us,” slips Eva Cuellar, banda communication officer and flautist. Let the festivities begin !

It is always possible to join the Band’Arverne. Information from the School of Music of Brivadois on

Maryne Le Goff

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