It’s the most viewed English-language series ever on Netflix

It wasn’t hard to imagine but now it’s official: the series created by the Duffer brothers beat Bridgerton in just over two weeks.

Stranger Things 4 continues to grind numbers and after just over two weeks from its release it already reaches a record as important as it is obvious, given the enormous popularity of the series: the latest data released by Netflix confirm that the fourth season made the series supernatural the most viewed ever among those in English. Beat then Bridgerton which until today held this title.

Stranger Things beats Bridgerton: The updated data

Netflix calculates the popularity of its series based on the number of hours viewed in the first 28 days of release. TO Stranger Things, however, 17 days were enough (the data available are those from May 27, the day of release, to June 12) to climb the rankings. With over 781 million hours of viewingbroke the record of Bridgerton 2 which in the first four weeks had clocked up 656.26 million hours. The news was easily foreseeable given the previous records achieved by Stranger Things as the most viewed English-language TV series on its debut weekend and the presence in the Top 10 of Netflix in 91 countries.

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Will it even surpass Squid Game?

In addition to being the most popular title among those in the English language, Stranger Things is the second most popular Netflix series ever after South Korean drama Squid Game. Looking at the trend of viewing hours, however, it seems difficult that by June 23 – when the canonical 28 days have passed since the release of season 4 – the series can achieve the extraordinary result of 1.65 billion hours of viewing in the first 28 days after the release reached by the Korean series. The views of Stranger Things 4, in fact, naturally dropped from week to week compared to the first days immediately after the release: from 6 to 12 June 159.2 million hours were displayed, numbers far from the 571.76 million hours of total weekly Squid Game.

Meanwhile, Netflix released yesterday the first official images of Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 – consisting of episodes 8 and 9 – which will be released on July 1st.

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